Saturday, November 29, 2014

Alvin the Elf

There is Elf on the Shelf MISCHIEF going on at Acorn Cottage!  Alvin showed up yesterday and was passed out after his long journey from the North Pole.

 This morning while I had my back turned putting up Christmas decorations I busted him getting into the Scrabble letters!
Stay tuned for more antics!


Anonymous said...

How cute! The elf is such a cool tradition.

Melinda said...

Way too funny!

Love the mask.

M : )

Leslie said...

NANCY!!! : ) Oh boy, looks like you and the elf will be having fun!!

Nancy Yoakum said...

Martha everyone in my family is enjoying this new tradition to us, but we have ALWAYS believed in elves!

Well Melinda, apparently Alvin told me he won it during a BINGO game up at the North Pole.

Leslie I think I am going to keep my eyes on HIM instead of him keeping his eyes on us!


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