Monday, September 28, 2009

Favorite Fall Destinations

Given the opportunity, I'm not one to turn down a drive out in the country. I have covered anything within a 3 1/2 hour radius in any given direction from Kansas City. North, East, South, West it doesn't matter, because once you drive 15 minutes in any direction, you are going to hit the countryside.
Fieldstone Orchards is a favorite get-away and about an hour plus drive heading slightly south and west. I day dream about staying at one of the little bed-n-breakfasts inns dotted along the route, love inhaling the fresh country air and can't help but hum a song of happiness in my heart.

Beautiful, breathtaking views that make you wonder why to don't do this every free moment you get. The hands of time slow down to a pace that unfamiliar and yet absolutely delicious.
Suddenly you have time to see if a fish will jump up in the pond, how long that bee will spend getting it's nectar from a flower and savoring the sound of crickets....AHHHHH...peace. We all crave it, and some of our souls need it more than others.

Just look at the bountiful apple tree. You have to have one, a fresh picked juicy apple. You start thinking about homemade pie, applesauce, apple cake, spiced apples and cave in a pick more than your arms can carry.

What a vision. Every fall the excitement of seeing pumpkins gets me all twitterpatted. Why are they so dear to our hearts? Do you think the acorn squash feels unloved and left out? The magic begins here. Picking out the shape, visualizing what design you want to carve, the lovely glow of lit pumpkins welcoming children to your door for their treats. What a grand time!


Tracey said...

Happy Fall to you! Looks like a wonderful place to spend some time!!!

:) T

Martha said...

Head south sometime -- we have beautiful fall color AND we'll open Linderhof's doors for lunch or dinner!

Marianna said...

One of the things I most miss about living in Indiana are the pumpkins at this time of year. It just isn't the same here in Texas knowing that most of them are trucked in.

Country Dreaming said...

Welcome back to blogging--

Fall IS fun. I haven't heard of this place.
You will have to enlighten me.
Thanks for stopping by too. :)


Elise said...

Happy Autumn or Fall as you say over the pond...

BECKY said...

Just typed a comment and lost the whole thing! :o( How frustrating! It's that little delay for the word verification box!! Phooey!!

Well, HI BFF!! I sure have missed you gal!! Love all of your fall fever and stuff, and your wonderful photos!! Love the pumpkin lined street!! Up in n Florida in a little town called Cottondale they line the street with watermelons in the summertime! Too cute!

Sure wish I could come and take a day trip with ya! How fun would that be!!

Well, sweetie, have a wonderful week, and know that I think you are SWELL!!!

Love and hugs,

the wild raspberry said...

this looks like a place i need to look up!
you just know all the good spots nancy~~


Traci said...

Happy October! What lovely photo's! I live 3 and a half hour from KC north. There is a lot of beautiful country side to explore. Traci

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

Hi Nancy...from San Luis Obispo...I really enjoyed the photographs..and Happy October too !


Josette Burgess said...

This is the first time I have visited - What a beautiful blog. I plan to stop by often.

Alice said...

Nancy, I've heard about this place but never visited. It sounds heavenly. Where are you at in KC? My inlaws own a gallery in the Crossroads District (studio b) and they graciously let me show my jewelry there during each of the First Friday events. You should check it out sometime--lots of good stuff to see at these galleries!

Thanks for sharing these lovely photos! I especially like the pumpkins.

Michelle said...

What a fun place to visit... I love this time of year!


Michelle said...

Hi again :) The Eiffel Tower ornament is from the 2007 Just CrossStitch Christmas Ornament issue. Too cute! The Sunflower Seed is in Topeka, which is where my parents live so when visiting, I have to visit! I didn't know of any shops in the KC area ~ I might have to add that one to my next trip home..

I used to live in Topeka, now I'm in Sacramento, CA .. there's no place like home!

Happy Stitching and show us your progress :)


Cathy Cobblestone said...

Looks just like the kind of place I'd love to visit - love, love, love the pumpkins. Thanks for sharing the pretty pictures. Have a great evening. Cathy