Monday, September 28, 2009

Favorite Fall Destinations

Given the opportunity, I'm not one to turn down a drive out in the country. I have covered anything within a 3 1/2 hour radius in any given direction from Kansas City. North, East, South, West it doesn't matter, because once you drive 15 minutes in any direction, you are going to hit the countryside.
Fieldstone Orchards is a favorite get-away and about an hour plus drive heading slightly south and west. I day dream about staying at one of the little bed-n-breakfasts inns dotted along the route, love inhaling the fresh country air and can't help but hum a song of happiness in my heart.

Beautiful, breathtaking views that make you wonder why to don't do this every free moment you get. The hands of time slow down to a pace that unfamiliar and yet absolutely delicious.
Suddenly you have time to see if a fish will jump up in the pond, how long that bee will spend getting it's nectar from a flower and savoring the sound of crickets....AHHHHH...peace. We all crave it, and some of our souls need it more than others.

Just look at the bountiful apple tree. You have to have one, a fresh picked juicy apple. You start thinking about homemade pie, applesauce, apple cake, spiced apples and cave in a pick more than your arms can carry.

What a vision. Every fall the excitement of seeing pumpkins gets me all twitterpatted. Why are they so dear to our hearts? Do you think the acorn squash feels unloved and left out? The magic begins here. Picking out the shape, visualizing what design you want to carve, the lovely glow of lit pumpkins welcoming children to your door for their treats. What a grand time!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall is Here!!!

My favorite of all seasons is here! The anticipation of the Holidays, the change in the weather, cravings for anything made with pumpkin....Pumpkin bread, pumpkin cake, pumpkin lattes....the rich smell of the earth after it's been harvested and turned. There is just an excitement this time of the year. The woodland creatures gathering, and preparing and the fresh crisp air. Wearing sweaters again, baking apple crumb pies, lighting candles. Looking up at the clear skies the stars seem more brilliant than ever. Sitting in front of the fireplace with a hot cup of coffee and a good book! Decorating outside with corn stalks, hay, pumpkins and mums. Going up to Red Barn Farm and looking out at the magnificent view of the rolling hills dotted with farmsteads. You pickem' apple orchards, and having a crisp carmel apple.
I wish you could truly see how vibrant these colors are in person. God took his paint brush and colored all these lovely trees with these beautiful rich tones. The peacefulness watching the leaves slowly fall and float through the air and gently land upon each other.

Every morning finding another tree, more beautiful than the next as I make my way around, just in awe of how magnificent the colors are to behold! The joy of being inside of a warm loving home, with a blanket, curling up on the couch with a window cracked open in the evening breathing in the air.

Taking long walks and picking up acorns, bird feathers, a sycamore leaf large enough to shelter at least three fairies for their tea party. It's heavenly!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Family History

Has anyone caught the genealogy bug before? For some reason out of the blue, I have an overwhelming urge to find out more about my families history! Above is a picture of my Danish Grandparents and my two aunts are uncle. This was taken before my Mom was born and she is 84 years old now!
This is a picture of my handsome Danish Grandfather John Winther Jensen Egelund. I found the ships manifest for the Ellis Island web site from when he came over from Denmark. I've caught the genealogy bug pretty bad, been spending hours going over information, signed up on, Family, and another website that's free called My and have been passionate about working on this. I even started working on my husband family tree too and have been so lucky to trace back one side of the family to the 1500's!!!!!! I wanted to squeeze as much information out of my Mom in regards to memories, customs, celebrations and of course recipes and have grand plans to get something composed to give to my nieces and nephews for Christmas....that being said it will probably be Christmas 2010 or 2011, but the important thing is I'm working on it!
Anybody else have the bug? Curious minds need to know :)