Saturday, April 4, 2009


Aren't these just the cutest things? They are ceramic mushrooms. My niece had them all over her garden. Nice resting spot for the fairies don't you think? When I was a little girl I have a crystal clear memory of playing outside and making a house for the fairies. I cleared the area with a pine needle broom and made a house for them out of twigs. I also made furniture from leaves and whatever else mother nature could provide. I sat and waited for what seemed like hours for the fairies to arrive. I was sure if I laid absolutely still they would feel safe to approach their new home I built for them. My Mom called me inside after a while. There was no doubt in my mind the fairies came shortly after I went inside and slept in the new home with the stars shining brightly upon them.


Cass @ That Old House said...

oh... what an adorable story! I can remember doing similar things with my sister; we were convinced that fairies lived under the big forsythia in the corner of our backyard --it curved and made a sort of shrub "cave" inside where we used to play. And my girls firmly believed that fairies lived in the woods near our house.

And I laughed OUT LOUD at your cross stitch kit story. I did the same thing with a needlepoint kit -- thought I'd gotten a great deal on a pillow top, got the naked canvas instead! Ah... two blondes!

Thanks for your kind words about my post... glad you didn't have to change your unmentionables!

Martha said...

There are fairies in the garden at Linderhof -- not often but sometimes we do see them. What an adorable story and I think I may need some of those mushrooms for my fairy garden.

Valerie said...

Such a sweet memory about the fairies. I was never quite that imaginative! Instead, I played make-believe games about pioneers and Laura Ingalls Wilder! LOL

I think that type of imagination shows the gift of artistry/creativity!

Laughed so hard over the cross-stitch story...thought I knew what was coming, but of course had to read through to confirm! (Ive had similar blonde moments!)


Jules said...

Very cute story of your memories Auntie. I learn something new from you everyday!

BECKY said...

Cute story!! Have you seen those little fairy doors that hang on your wall? They are sooo adorable! I've tried to find a place to buy them. Found it once and didn't mark it and haven't found it again. I thought it would be a fun thing for the grandies!!

Have a joyful day!!

Jeanneoli said...

So cute!