Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm Home!

Hello everyone! I'm back from my trip to sunny California and had a wonderful time!
Had a wonderful visit with family and friends and wanted to share a few pictures that I thought you might enjoy. We took my Mom out to dinner at the Crab Cooker on the Newport Beach peninsula. It's become a family tradition because we all love seafood and it's a family friendly place....and our family is growing by leaps and bounds!
After dinner we all took a walk out on the pier...It was so nice to smell the fresh salty air and watch the seagulls fly around.

This is a lovely french bakery my sister took us to have lunch at in Dana Point. As you can see it took about a half hour trying to decide what to order. I got to meet the owner Jacque Savoire, and when he heard I was visiting all the way from Kansas, he graciously threw in an extra pastry since I was having trouble making up my mind!
It's a don't miss point of interest called Savoire Fair if you are ever out west!

This is my Moms tangelo tree in her yard. I had strict instructions from Dan-the-man not to come unless I brought him some fresh picked tangelos! They are so delicious and make the best juice you've ever had....but then again again fresh picked is usually fantastic.
Of course I took hundreds more pictures...mostly of my family that I won't torture you all with (except I'm sure my niece Julie would like to see them :)...especially of my nephews engagement ring to his fiancee'). I'm happy to be back home. I missed a snow storm while I was gone, which made sitting out in my sister's patio all the more delicious in 72 degree weather! Here I was worried the lilacs would bloom while I was away!


Martha said...

Glad you're home -- while you were gone we, too, had 72 degree weather -- that was the day BEFORE the snow storm!


Anne Marie said...

Hey! Thanks for all your wonderful comments!
and good luck on the drawing!!

I am (as we speak) working on a post about some california pictures - it'll be done her shortly :)

Illinois is my stompin' ground ;)

wild child said...

It sounds like you had the most wonderful time - and your mother sound like such a lovely, lovely woman :) I really enjoyed your photos too! So happy you had such a great time!

Meg :)

Valerie said...

Welcome home, Nancy! I've been waiting to post my sweet award from you until you got back!

I am so glad that you had a wonderful trip visiting family and especially your mom. You're definitely right about missing the snowstorm, but I'll tell you this...we got no snow in De Soto (not even a dusting) and 12 miles to the east and south in Olathe they got 4+ inches! Very weird to say the least! Instead we got freezing rain and now my little ones and I have a job of picking up broken tree limbs to tackle!

Again, so glad that you are back safe and sound!

Church Street said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. Wish i could have been there too. I sure do miss everyone a lot. Im going to try to change that here soon Ok. Getting the whole family to travel will be the big one. Take care.


Jules said...

Glad you had a nice trip! The crab legs look yummy but not as good as the pic of the French bakery case! That would blow my diet but would settle for 1 bite!

A Touch of Country said...

just found your blog and thought i'd say hi from Iowa. I have an aunt that lives in gladstone, mo and used to live near smithville.