Thursday, April 2, 2009

Counted Cross Stitch

I have a funny story to tell you. I was on the Internet and saw some counted cross stitch and AMAZING $6.95. I said holy smokes...all that time and effort and it's being sold so cheap! Now most of you know I love acorns and I was searching for some designs with acorns in them, and low and behold...found some! I ordered what I thought were TWO finished products.

The mailman came, I opened the package like a four year old on a sugar high, and then the light bulb (remember I'm blonde, so go easy on me) went on. I had purchased a cross stitch KIT, not a completed project.

So, along with scrapbooking, stamping, painting, felting, sewing, embroidery, crocheting, gardening, I am going to throw in learning to cross stitch! Right on! Love a new challenge!

Anyhow....long story short, while on my visit to California, my Mom showed me a cross stitch that my Aunt made, and my Mom always loved. So I'm on a mission to see if I can find a pattern somewhere, or I might have to count it out and chart it myself.

My Mom says the picture looks like my house, which I agree since we have a cute little cape cod. My Mom wants to change the poem since my shutters are black and we were laughing trying to think of words that rhymed.

Now that I think about it my house is also painted khaki, so I'd really be in trouble if I started re-arranging the words! Besides, I think it's cute just the way it is!
I am working at a snails pace on one of patterns I purchased but will have show-n-tell when I'm done. Mind you that might be in 3 years........


It' an Evolution said...

just came across your blog...its beautiful. I love Kansas...we head down to Atchison twice a year to visit Mary Carol Garrity.
Looking forward to following along.

BECKY said...

Hi Nancy! I popped over from Carrie's because I like the name of your blog!! Well, I like your blog, too! Since you don't have followers enabled, I hope you don't mind if I add you to my blog list.

Your kit purchase sounds like something that would happen to me!! LOL!! And like you, I'm very crafty. I must confess I envy your crafting area!! I have a small corner in the master bedroom until daughter #3 flies the coop!! Confession #2 Most of it ends up strewn all over the dining room table when I'm working on a project!! Oh Well, we're working on shelving and other organizational helpers to make the most of my space!!

OK...I'll stop!! I will be back, though!! Love your header, too!!

Have a great weekend!!

BECKY said...

Hey!! OMG!! I am so thrilled that I found such a kook!! We ARE kindred spirits, you know!! Looks like your "dummies" book worked!! You figured out how to get the little pictures to show!! YAY for dummies!!

I would have posted a recipe, BUT...I haven't written it down yet!! Right now it's just a pinch of this and a squeeze of that!! (actually, I knew it would torture some poor soul to not have the recipe...guess you're the lucky one!!) HA!!!

I think we're going to get along famously!!
Honestly...I know it!!
Look forward to more fun, new friend!!