Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Acorn Cottage

This is my home Acorn Cottage. It was love at first site. I saw it sitting there, all alone, like it just needed a hug. It was vacant, but there wasn't a for sale sign up. We were out visiting my in-laws and were driving around looking for houses just for fun. I made my mother-in-law stop, jumped out of the car, and ran to the living room window. I peered in and saw the hardwood floors, the cute nook in the dining room and the french door over looking the backyard and I was done for....I didn't care if it had running water, or how many bedrooms it had, I knew I needed to live there for all eternity. I walked around to peek at the back yard and it was HUGE!!!! Things like this in California would have a 20 unit condominium complex built on it with a cement drive down the center. Instead, I found old trees, lilac bushes and just deeply sighed knowing it had to be mine. Now Dan-the-Man didn't get out of the car. He thought, "Oh that Nancy".....but I knew in my heart of hearts this was it! Long story short...or what's that? You want me to carry on? Okay, you talked me into it. Fast forward to us returning to Ca. Me with my nosed pressed against the airplane window looking over all the little patchwork of farms and my heartstrings tugging at me. I randomly traumatized Mr. B (who is now the bestest next door neighbor) and called him from Ca. after doing a reverse address search on the computer for his phone number, and after introducing myself, and trying to convince him I wasn't a complete kook...found out the house had not been lived in for a couple of years, and that is was going to be coming up for sale. Dan-the-man had no idea at the time that he was going to be deployed to Ft. Sam Houston for national Security for a year. While I was in Ca., and Dan-the-Man was stationed in Texas, loan papers were flying across faxes, pictures were downloaded and site unseen, he let me buy our new (old)home. (Now that's great husband isn't it?) We've been in heaven ever since!
Warning: It's 6:55am as I type....I haven't showered, and need to be leaving out the door for work in 35 minutes. Eeeeeegads! More later! Have a great day!!!!


jane said...

That's great! I bought my house on a fly by the seat of pants transaction too! Even sorta looks like yours.

avalonrosedesign said...

Hi Nancy! Your Acorn Cottage looks so beautiful, and because it's obviously loved so much, even more so. Finding a home that you really 'fit' into is so important, isn't it? Oh, and I'm a midwestern girl, born and bred, and as much as I complain about the winters sometimes I couldn't live anywhere else! Glad you like it too. ;) Thanks for sharing your before and after pics and for visiting my blog!


Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Nancy, that's a cute cottge! I was in one just like it a couple of days ago, it was my best friend's mother's home. We call them Cape Cod homes here...and I betcha I know just how it's laid out, too!
Thanks for letting us see your cottage!

Carol J. said...

That is such a sweet story. It makes me remember that sometimes dream can come true, even if you didn't know you were dreaming them!

And PS...I so understand the whole morning-rush thing!

Carol J. said...

Hi Nancy...a mighty big thanks for stopping by my blogs, too! The Hot Flashes is my cranky, whiney side, while the Raise Your Hand is more, hmmm....sane and calm, usually.

I live in Western Mass, near the Berkshires. I hope to live in Vermont someday when I grow up, tho, maybe raise alpacas or flowers or eyebrows...who knows. I love reading stories about people like you who have followed their dreams. It makes me a little braver...now, if I can just remember what my dreams were! See ya!

Martha said...

Acorn Cottage is BEAUTIFUL!!!! The only house we looked at here was LInderhof . . . somehow, you just know when it is the RIGHT house! LOVED your story!!

Valerie said...

Hey there!

What a fantastic story...you are such a brave woman! I guess it was like when I found my wedding dress. I had tried on a million and then there it was...in the window of a bridal shop on The Plaza (that is now out of business...such a shame!). Took only one look in the mirror and my mother and I knew it was THE ONE!

By the way, I gave a shout out to you on my blog today!


wild child said...

LOVE the pictures - what an *adorable* little cottage - you have given it a heart again :)


Carrie said...

I love your sweet cottage....do you have any inside pics. I would love to see them.. I will search your past posts! :)

Stay Cozy in your Cottage,

Acorn Cottage said...

In response to Carrie...yes I do have pictures, but do I have them up on my blog? Not really, but I can share! I'll make an effort and do another post in the inside of Acorn Cottage :)

Elizabeth said...

Your house it too cute! I live in the San Francisco Bay Area where all houses are out of reach :( Lucky you.