Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Art Room

I got this hutch top for "free" when I was garage-selling last summer. It was painted heather blue, so I took it outside, got my super-grit sandpaper and showed it who was boss. I finally just now got around to painting it, although still want to put a matte coat on...couldn't wait to put it up on my table and organize my supplies. Eventually I will have dan-the-man hang it up with some monster toggle bolts, but I just couldn't wait!
These are some wood letters I bought and finally painted to remind me what I should be doing each and everyday!

I can see my rubber stamps now instead of having them shoved in a Tupperware box in the closet. I scrapbook more than I stamp, but I love looking at them. They make me smile! It's so much nicer having the frequent flyer art supplies within reach. I am much more apt to get things done if it's easy to get to. Plus seeing everything on the hutch makes me want to do something creative!


Valerie said...

Good Morning. I love your hutch! What a superb find...and for FREE! That makes it even better.

I agree 100% about having crafting supplies on display and thus "on-hand" both literally and figuratively! I too have rubber stamps that are in rubbermaid containers. Even though the containers are clear, it is such a job hunting for the right container that has holiday, floral, messages, etc.

Iam currently converting a "storage" room into my very own crafting/scrapbooking office and can't wait until I can have all my tools at hands reach! Have a wonderful day.

Jules said...

Aunt Nancy, your art room is coming together so well. It is so cute. Love the lettering and the organization of all your supplies! Loving it~

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

OH, gosh, everything looks so good and I love what you did with the hutch! GORGEOUS!

Fifi Flowers said...

GREAT to have a place to create!

Joy said...

I love your hutch and you look so organized. All my stamps are in tupperware containers now so this looks awesome to me.

cottage farm villa (cottagecharm) said...

What a grand idea for your creating "stuff"!!

Kristina said...

Love the craft room! I am a scrapbooker myself, I hope I can have a room like yours when I grow up :-)

Cyndi said...

Looks great! I too, finally have my very own scraproom/studio/office/space. Don't you just love it! You can check out mine if you want to: http://www.itsapartyfullife.blogspot.com/