Thursday, February 26, 2009

One day...many, many moons ago my friend Melinda and I were at a cute little antique mall out in the country and I saw one of these plates. Immediately drawn to the trim with ACORNS, I knew trouble was on its way. I tried to ignore, walked past it, came back...looked at it again and left the store without bringing it home. Months later at another antique mall, I spotted a plate, and knew I was going to cave in and bring it home where it belonged. It's actually been a lot of fun because I love poking around any antique store in hopes of finding more pieces. Of course I cheat once in a while and go to ebay, but it brings me more joy to randomly find pieces at an antique store. My mother-in-law and I stumbled across a gold mine of them while antiquing and she bought me 10 plates as a birthday present. Wasn't that sweet? In my house of monochromatic camel, butterscotch, and amber, I love the red.

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cottage farm villa (cottagecharm) said...

How sweet to find the acorns on this pattern! No way you could have walked away!!!! It was meant to be!