Sunday, February 24, 2013

House Project #29

 Our little 1942 Acorn Cottage needed some TLC.  When we bought the home, the bedrooms and hallway had carpet on them, and it wasn't until we had lived here a couple of years we discovered there we hardwood floors underneath. TREASURE TROVE!!!  They were pretty battered, with stains and dings, but we saw the potential of what could be.
This picture really isn't out of's the blur from all of the dust floating around from Dan-the-Man sanding them!
 We decided to do two colored stains. A dark walnut with English chestnut over the top to add a little warmth.
 Coat numero uno of varnish.....2 more to go!
The final product!  Love the rich warm colors!  Just have to put the trim back up on the bottom of the baseboard and then I can move get the art room back into place. NEXT...The Guest room.  So excited as I have projects I have been working on such as a ceiling medallion to frame the beautiful chandelier I found at an Antique Shop. STAY TUNED!


Melinda said...

It's good to see a post from you. :)

Dan the Man did a great job! You too.
Can't wait to see them in person!

M :)

Anonymous said...

The floor looks very very nice....
Dan always does a perfect job, you are one lucky lady !
Love, Sister Janet

Deanna said...

Floor looks beautiful!!!

Tracy Marie said...

Beautiful! We finally ripped out some old, nasty carpet and replaced it with hard wood. We weren't lucky like you...finding it underneath! We love having the wood floors though. Seems much cleaner to me too. With the carpet I felt like I was inhaling dust all day long.

Abbey Crafton said...

Wow! What a transformation! Love the richness.
The Ladies at Crafton Abbey