Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hannibal Missou-RAH Road Trip!

Nothing like a random spur of the moment drive!  There had been talk in the household about checking out Hannibal, Missouri and the next morning I woke up to someone down at the base of my bedroom stairs doing a bird whistle.  This was the "quiet, gentle" way of waking me up?  Dan-the-man got me out of bed on Saturday with the temptation of a random day trip at o'dark thirty.  Lured by coffee and the promise of a good hearty breakfast we hit the pavement rain or shine.  It was rain, a long awaited rain here in the Midwest.

For those of you not familiar with Hannibal, Missouri it is the boyhood home of Mark Twain AND Molly Brown (Titanic).  The women who the quote "Well behaved women rarely make history" came from :)

It was a charming town, built along the M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I river.  The rain had cleared up but still pleasantly overcast by the time we arrived in town.  Enjoy the pictures!

The Dubach Inn Bed & Breakfast
 A charming House that has twinkle lights in their trees (not pictured) Always a sign of a good person living there :)
The historical Rockcliffe Mansion. 13,500 square feet currently under renovation by the new owner's BUT available for tours!

Charming homes were everywhere!

Downtown...did I mention there was a European Chocolate store called STAM?

 For those who have only seen Tom Sawyer's island at Disneyland...this here is the REAL DEAL!
So we got caught in a little rain on the Mark Twain Riverboat...the cruise was wonderful.  Very peaceful & calm out on the waters.

"Go Pitt State!"
 Lighthouse nestled in the trees
 Mark Twain's Boyhood home....if you look closely, you can see him in the center top window :)


Alice said...

What a fun trip! I've always wanted to visit Hannibal. Thanks for the tour!

Marydon said...

Thank you for the memories of our visit to Hannibal. It has been far too long. It is such a lovely town & the sights & homes are gorgeous.

Have a great week.

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Melinda said...

Well hello!
Hannibal is a great town to visit.
On a trip to Illinois we made a stop there.

See you Saturday.

M :)

Two Succulent Sisters said...

We have Mark Twain's home here in Connecticut also. I guess he lived here later in life. Hubster and I went on a tour there. I don't remember all that much about it except his office where he wrote. Anyway, so glad to have met you. I'll be back (where did I hear that before?) Best wishes, Linda

Oh, dear, you have Captcha activated. I have such a struggle with these things. You can disable that, you know. Here's hoping I can decipher...

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GardenofDaisies said...

Love all the old homes! I was there many years ago, when I was in my twenties... I think it's time for a return trip.