Saturday, October 1, 2011

Country Drive #137

Home, Home on the Range......
Nothing like driving on a random road and finding a neat little peace of history!
This historical house is south of Topeka, Kansas and was just so charming!
I know you can't see the house that well....but let me give you some background.  We are out in the middle of NO WHERE on a random dirt road by rail road tracks, weaving in and out of trees and hills.  The electrical lines had the old glass gadgets on them in turquoise blue and then out of no where...someone built this MANSION.  Lovely landscaping and just tucked away, their own little bit of heaven!
Different road, a little cutie, nestled in the trees, I can only image the peace and quiet the enjoy.  At night I imagine the stars are shining bright, and crickets are signing in the background.  Sigh.....