Saturday, February 26, 2011

So Very Cozy

Ah yes...Old Man Winter and Mother Nature teasing us. Last week we sat out on our porch, listening to the birds chirp and noticed that the lilac bushes had buds on them...the a couple of days ago it snowed, and sifted a layer of magical layer of powdered sugar all over the evergreens. So, I made a fire, lit the candles, put on some nice relaxing music and savoring the evening.

I hope you are all cozy, happy and content. Maybe a dog or cat on your lap, with a cup of tea, and a wonderful book to read, and a handmade blanket to keep you warm. Enjoy the quiet of winter, the solitude it provides for reflection, daydreaming, and looking at that David Austin rose catalog trying to figure out what kind of roses you want to plant in the spring.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I kidnapped these pictures to show you the lovely restaurant Dan the Man and I celebrated Valentine's Day.....I know, I's not until Monday, but we are making a whole weekend out of it (that and they didn't have a reservation on Monday until 9pm when I am usually in bed). The picture doesn't do it justice because it is a fantastic panoramic view 360 degrees of Kansas City. Thank goodness we had a perfectly clear sky to view the city lights!
See that little round thing on top of the hotel? That is the restaurant and it rotates completely in a little over an hour for a pretty spectacular dining experience. It's up on the 44th floor (did I mention I am scared of heights?) I had a cherry/pomegranate martini to calm my nerves once seated. The view takes your breath away, and the food was pretty delicious too!
This was the original restaurant that Dan the Man was going to take me to the night he proposed, but I thought it had a glass elevator to take us up to the restaurant which was a big NO CAN DO for me, so we ended going to another wonderful restaurant that special evening.
Just wanted to say sorry I haven't posted or visited any of my friends in a camera went to the graveyard, and it's not much fun blogging without pictures for show-n-tell, but I hope to change that this weekend!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend celebrating Valentine's Day, one of my all time favorite Holidays of all time!

Much Love to All!