Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Savoring Fall

Nothing like going on a Sunday country drive! You find all sorts of neat things like this great Scarecrow! He was out by one of my favorite farm stands in Waverly, Missou-RAH. I overhear someone say "You can always tell when someone isn't from Missou-RAH because they say Missouri"....not wanting anyone to figure out I'm a transplant from California, living in Kansas, I gotta get my twang on! Y'all here what I'm sayin'?

The quintessential landmark of many farms dotted across the landscape. We actually have one in our backyard, but it needs some t.l.c. and some WD-40! I decided it can be re-purposed and be used to grow some snow peas on next spring!

My son and future daughter-in-law.....okay, so he hasn't proposed or anything, but she is already part of the fam! C'mon...let me dream! We had a great day, went out for lunch, and stopped at a cider mill where a carmel apple pie made it's way into my hands and promptly up to the counter.

We also went to a winery and came home with some treasures for all those holiday meals that are right around the corner! for inquires regarding the pumpkins:
1) Yes, they turned ORANGE!!!
2) No, I didn't take any pictures.....but I can, and will!
3) We planted them from seed, and the big ones came up, but the jack-be-littles didn't grow....well, the vines grew, but no pumpkins this year :( . I had to get my fix and bought a bag of them at Walmart and have them at home and work because I think they are the cutest things EVER!


Country Dreaming said...

Sounds like a fun day.
Glad to hear the pumpkins turned orange--one can never have too many pumpkins. That is what I think.
Come by Dreaming sometime.


Martha said...

Nice to see you again!

Sounds like a fun time --

Mary Ann said...

So good to see someone from the area enjoying the fall countryside like we do! Your pictures are beautiful!

Alice said...

What a fun day for you! We haven't been on a drive for some time now--something I'll have to remedy.

Elizabeth said...

Hey there, good to see a new post from you. Your son and his girlfriend looks so cute together, here is hoping there is a proposal some day soon ;)

Leslie said...

what a fun day. Happy Halloween Nancy.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

You know, Nancy, when I moved to Florida back when Pat was in the Marine Corp..I was shocked when they could tell I was from California! I thought we spoke perfectly...and then someone pointed out how I pronounced "wash"...and "onion" and ..well..I'm a bit more careful. I said a bit.
Twang? Shucks, come on home..and you won't have to do that.."twang" thang! :)

Kritter Keeper said...

hi, i just found you! i love love your banner, so nice and original! i love pumpkins and i only got one from about 5 plants. some awful bugs got them and then the only blooms were male. so strange. one female and i got a tiny pumpkin. your son and future dil are so cute! love that crow cute!

Val said...

Those kids are beautiful! :) And I love fall too. Your blog is darling.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and I love your fall post. I have to clarify something! I am Missouri born and raise (although I live in Virginia now). I was informed that we on the eastern side of the state are Missouri snobs because we call it MissourI. Those on the western side of the state say it MissouRAH. So you see doesn't matter if you are MO born or transplanted- lol...just tell you are a St. Louis snob. heheheee.