Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rhode Island Vacation

Ah yes, the fresh seaside air....a warm summer day, and being with people you love...doesn't really get much better. Rhode Island was filled with discoveries around every corner!
Federal Hill is an area in Providence, Rhode Island that is the Italian district. Lovely restaurants, cafes, and shops galore. Nothing like being a place and hearing people speaking Italian to each other to enhance the moment even more. The delis were to die for....oh my fresh made pastas and baked goods, beautiful ceramic painted dishes and bowls ....I wasn't prepared for this much goodness!

I had to travel 1,500 miles across the United States to FINALLY get some pictures of wild turkeys. (They are very camera shy in Kansas, let me tell you!) Not only did we see these beauties, there was another encounter with a mom, dad and all their chicks...too many to count...precious!
Weight Watchers Smatewatchers....You try resisting the case line of the wonderful bakeries on the East Coast....with a latte. There was no will power once these targets were in site, including my mother-in-law making a last minute hit before heading to the airport!
Beautiful Newport, Rhode Island. Picture perfect day driving along Ocean Drive, gawking at the mansions, soaking in the fresh air and sunshine. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

This is my wonderful brother-in-law John on the left, my mother-in-law Estelle in the center, and Dan-the-Man on the right. Guess who was happy with a capital "H" to be with her boys (2 of 4) on one of her favorite beaches! Did I mention getting to see here grandchildren as the icing on the cake? Her smile says it all!

I am a historical home lover...all over the state you would find homes proudly showing off how long they have been around. I had a walking history book with me, who also goes by the name of Dan randomly stating facts like "Benjamin Franklin was in office then" or "that was built before the constitution was written" "that's when Thomas Jefferson was President".

Notice a theme with all my coastal vacation pictures? Yeah, it was scrumpdillyicious! Did I mention we were enjoying this meal on a bay with the corner window view. Heavy sigh.......

Another picture at Federal Hill....the flowers were in full force and there was a beautiful fountain built on the cobblestone. Lovely!

See my seagull? They don't miss many meals around these parts. Very healthy birds in these parts!
There is more to report...more pictures to share, but there is this thing called W_O_R_K and unfortunately, I have to go to it this morning! Just wanted to share a little bit of where I've been.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far, that you are staying cool and enjoying the season. It won't be long (or so the stores tell us) that fall will be upon us. So it's nice to be able to savour those glasses of lemonade while sitting on the porch watching the bees drink their nectar from the flowers!