Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mr. Higgins

There is a new member of the family here at Acorn Cottage....MR. HIGGINS!!!!! (This is his majestic pose, after he had his Make Over!
Here is a picture of our diamond in the rough. You can tell that Dan the Man didn't like him at all right from to get go.

Before we adopted him we brought Trixie over to meet him and go for several walks. Her face says it all "You are kidding me Mom right? He seriously isn't coming home with us, IS HE????"
Mr. Higgins (formerly Rufus) was on the loose and picked up by animal control. He wasn't groomed, had straw stuck in his coat, hadn't been neutered. Worse off when the animal control officer found out who he belonged to, the didn't want to pay the fees involved and told the officer "just keep him"....well along comes Nancy into the picture. Heartbroken and tearing up just hearing the story, ready to adopt sight unseen, the wheels of motion moved forward. Okay, okay, I had my foot on the pedal going about 100MPH. After He got all checked out at the vet, shots up to date, surgery, grooming, we finally got to bring him home last Thursday and it's been love ever since.
We got for walks nightly, and he plays chase with Trixie in the back yard. Her legs are about two feet long, and his are about 2 inches long, so it's very entertaining to watch.
There is lots of love, doggie treats, and we are so very happy to have him in our lives! He is quit the character, and very intelligent, and likes to be held like a baby and have his black shag carpet of a tummy rubbed. Life is good!


Suz said...

wow you hit paydirt!

BECKY said...

HI BFF!!! Wow sure have missed ya gal!
LOVE the pic of you in your "BUG"!! Too cute!

And congratulations on the new addition to your family!! What a hottie Mr. Higgins is!!
So very distinguished! Lucky him and you!!

Hope you're having a delightful weekend!!
Love and hugs,

Country Dreaming said...

He is a cutie--Yes, Dan dosen't seem to like him much. :) :)
Can't wait to meet him.


Valerie said...

Poor Mr. Higgins!!! I'm so glad that you were able to adopt him and love on him!!! He looks divine all groomed.

We owned a Westie when I was growing up and the family a few doors down owned a Scottie. We often did "group" pics of the dogs!!!

Hope all is going well! I've missed you,


Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh he is adorable! And there is no more wonderful addition to your family than a shelter dog. They are special ... as is Mr Higgins!

Happy New Doggie to you. I'm sure that Trixie will accept him with good grace, once she figures out that she doesn't have to share her dinner bowl with him!


Martha said...

He is so cute!!!! What a wonderful addition to your family and I cannot believe that someone would just not care about a dog!

But at least he's found a loving family!

Cathy said...

What a nice post, Nancy. Congrats on having a new family member and a playmate for Trixie.

Leslie said...

lol at Trixie!!! The two of them will be the best of doggie friends! Mr Higgins is super handsome! I love scotties!

Sheila (TCW) said...

Awwww. How kind of you to adopt Mr. Higgins. He can now have the love and care he so deserves.

Carol J. said...

Hi Nancy. I hope you are ALL doing well, including Mr. Higgins!

I have an award for you over at my blog, Hot Flashes From Hell! ♥

Happy Spring!