Sunday, May 23, 2010

Girls Week Getaway

I'm warning you know....this is probably the LONGEST blog entry since the beginning of my blog. I recently went on a trip to California to celebrate Mother's Day with my loving Mama, my two sisters and my niece. We try to get together once a year, usually in May, so we can laugh, tell stories, eat and shop. This year we went to Solvang, California. Solvang is a small Danish community that has lovely stores and a lot of bakeries. We couldn't have picked a better week to go because the weather was perfect with a capital "P" was the time with family. I'll stop blabbering and let you enjoy the pictures....
Fresh Lavender

The Danes loves their storks!


Good Eats

One Happy Mum!

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about!

My beautiful niece Julie~

Yeah, this was my breakfast...heavenly!

These person the color was even more magnificent!

This little number was for sale and was calling to me....

How cute is that!

Of course we had to stop. They had flower shaped brownies on Popsicle sticks!
Jacks Mum was the sweetest lady and was working on a felting project!

Trouble store in Los Olivos

Just happened to see this number while walking....I was ready to crash the garden party!

Can't mention Solvang without a windmill!

okay...there were only about 10 bakeries in town to choose from...see what I was up against?

Patronized not once, but twice by the fam!

The roses....and they were growing along the mile long fence line to these horse stables...beautiful~

Probably one of the best pictures I've ever taken...and now my screen saver at home.

More storks :)


Oh happy days.....a charming place called Enchante'

Beautiful store fronts with brick, and leaded glass...just a fairytale village~

Wish there was a thing called smell-a-vision to share with you all!
If you haven't had enough and need to see more pictures, just hoot and holler! I only took 164 and according to my daughter, about 160 of them were of flowers!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mr. Higgins

There is a new member of the family here at Acorn Cottage....MR. HIGGINS!!!!! (This is his majestic pose, after he had his Make Over!
Here is a picture of our diamond in the rough. You can tell that Dan the Man didn't like him at all right from to get go.

Before we adopted him we brought Trixie over to meet him and go for several walks. Her face says it all "You are kidding me Mom right? He seriously isn't coming home with us, IS HE????"
Mr. Higgins (formerly Rufus) was on the loose and picked up by animal control. He wasn't groomed, had straw stuck in his coat, hadn't been neutered. Worse off when the animal control officer found out who he belonged to, the didn't want to pay the fees involved and told the officer "just keep him"....well along comes Nancy into the picture. Heartbroken and tearing up just hearing the story, ready to adopt sight unseen, the wheels of motion moved forward. Okay, okay, I had my foot on the pedal going about 100MPH. After He got all checked out at the vet, shots up to date, surgery, grooming, we finally got to bring him home last Thursday and it's been love ever since.
We got for walks nightly, and he plays chase with Trixie in the back yard. Her legs are about two feet long, and his are about 2 inches long, so it's very entertaining to watch.
There is lots of love, doggie treats, and we are so very happy to have him in our lives! He is quit the character, and very intelligent, and likes to be held like a baby and have his black shag carpet of a tummy rubbed. Life is good!