Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Skip to My Lou My Darlin'

Did I happen to mention how HAPPY I am that Spring is near?? The snow has melted which feeds the beautiful streams and rivers that run through our country. Can't you almost hear the sound of it...the force...yet peacefulness of being near rushing water. Pull up a chair, let the sun come down on your face and warm you up as the gentle mist keeps you cool.

Come for a drive and get some fresh air and take in all the sites and sounds. Fresh grass with dew drops hanging on...flowers growing in impossible places. Feel the happiness in your heart taking all the marvels around us!

There are robins back in the yard, and the daffodils have poked through the ground. The last of the snow has melted just in time for some crocus' and tulips to start coming up.

Life is good my friends! Every season that comes around I think this is my favorite season. Each one more marvelous than the next. Each one makes us appreciate the special things it has to offer. Take time to take a walk, put a sweater on, go out in your yard, take a look around.
Sit out on your back porch and CLOSE YOUR EYES...and listen to the birds singing, take a deep breath in and ENJOY LIFE!