Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What's Up?

It feels like months, not days that I have been on my blog and making my rounds visiting all of you. Please know you are loved....Even if I haven't left a comment, I stop by to see what you have been up to!

I took a little time off because I needed to get focused on something....ME! I know all of you are loving, caring women (sorry Drew, my brother-in-law who is cool enough to admit he likes my blog!) who constantly give, give, give to everyone. We have families, jobs, a home to take care of and SOMETIMES we drop like a pinball to the bottom of the life machine. I finally had to carve out some ME time. Took some deep breaths to figure out what Nancy needs in her life...what Nancy would like to change, to be even more scrumpdilicious than she already is. Well, the answer....HER HEALTH. So I decided to join WEIGHT WATCHERS. Saturday will be two weeks
and I can't wait to weigh in on Saturday. So far I'm doing marvelously. In the past I've either dieted, or exercised, but never together. I've always thrown in the towel when a holiday came up, a birthday needed to be celebrated and gone off track never to return.
I have an AMAZING leader at my weekly meetings who is just so snazzy I want to hug her every time I see her! I've been an ANGEL planning out my meals and getting on the treadmill and exercising (WW likes to use the word "activity"). I am pumped up and just love ETOOLS, their on line program that helps your track what you are up to. And hey, isn't that my "grow your bangs out" mentor on the cover of that magazine? Yup, I'm pretty sure it's her! BTW progress report, the bangs are now down to my top lip...yeah! Veronica Lake, WATCH OUT!!!
Anyhow, I just want to encourage anyone who feels like they have gotten lost in the shuffle of life to tell yourself YOU ARE IMPORTANT!!! Just as important as all of those people you constantly take care of all the time. SO schedule some YOU time. Get a manicure, take a bubble bath by candlelight, find a juicy novel and curl up in bed an hour earlier than normal and tell everyone you're tired and going to sleep! Carving out time for you to have quiet to think, and make you a priority in your life because YOU DESERVE IT!!!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tales of Love

As an incurable romantic Valentine's Day is one of my FAVORITE holidays. Ever since I was little I have always been sentimental. My Mom, the greatest example of a loving human being here on the face of the earth, always showed by example her unconditional love to all of her children. As I grew older, and became a young wife and mother, I discovered just how much I could love others and felt so blessed to have my husband and kids (who are young adults now) in my life. There were changes that would occur, that were unexpected. When Dan-the-Man came into my life a whole new chapter (more like book) of the meaning of romance came into my life......
I was divorced with two young children to care for, and didn't exactly have the faith that love would come my way again. Dates gone bad, fix up by friends that went south left me wondering if love would ever come my way again.
One day while on the Internet I found a link for pen pals. This wasn't a romance site, just a place to exchange e.mails, have some conversation. I met a nice lady from France who was a school teacher, a hilarious guy named Bob (whom I'm still pen pals with today 11 years later) from Michigan, a farmer's wife from Tennessee with three children.....and then Dan-the-Man. Dan and I started exchanging e.mails, stories about our lives, families, work, interest.....and things started getting more and more interesting. After several months of e.mailing each other, we braved the waters and took a graduated step to phone calls. On one phone call Dan announced "I want to fly out to meet you in person". **GULP** Scared, excited, twitter patted, butterflies, all wrapped into one, I agreed.
The weekend was memorable beyond belief. Our first kiss took place at the top of a mountain after a tram ride up the Palm Springs Ariel Tramway on a beautiful September day and our romance began. I was living in California, Dan in Kansas, and when we had to say goodbye for his flight home, we knew we should never be apart. Both of us were already lovesick. That's when the romance became letters, emails that made me (and close friends who were in the inside loop) swoon. Love quotes everyday that left me floating on air! After flights back and forth from Kansas to California and California to Kansas our hearts could not take the separation. I flew out to Kansas and Dan had the most magical weekend for us planned. A single rose for me when picking me up at the airport, a dozen long stemmed roses at his place with chilled champagne, dinner at a cozy Italian restaurant....then a walk down at the Country Club Plaza. He arranged for a carriage ride and while under the stars above, proposed to me and I have been madly in love with him ever since!
Of course you are getting the reader's digest version of this story, but I just want to say if you have a lonely heart on Valentine's Day, keep your chin up and eyes open because sometimes God had other plans for you. We may not always understand at the time why we face the challenges we do, but there is a reason....sometimes those reasons aren't clear at the time, but when the time is right, things fall into place and you will live your happily ever after life, like me!


Monday, February 8, 2010

The Wedding

We are back from sunny California and it was everything and more we could have wished for! Here is my nephew Aaron and his beautiful wife Ghea! My pictures are not in a sequence of events, so bear with me! The brides heritage is Indonesian and she had two wedding dresses, one for the ceremony and one for the reception one more beautiful than the next!
This is my other handsome nephew Bruce (Aaron's older brother) and his beautiful girlfriend Tanya. He caught the garter!! Uh Hum...cough....cough. Yes-sir-reeeeee. Hint, hint.....

One of the many beautiful details of this gorgeous wedding. They also had a special tray out side of these babies injected with liquor!

Being a foodie, just had to snap a photo of the salad. The whole menu was delicious and served with such style. The staff did an outstanding job in every way shape and form.

The bride's bouquet, just a vision of loveliness. All of the flowers were so beautiful!

Each of the tables had different arrangements of flowers...combinations of floating orchids, roses, lilies, just lovely!

The weeding cake was so beautiful. I don't know if you can see, but the 4th layer had tiny rhinestones in the design! Just beautiful! (and delicious too!)

This picture was next to the guest book, along with other photos of Aaron and Ghea! Such a beautiful foyer. They also had table favors with seat assignments to the right of this area that were so cute!
This was the setting for the bride and groom. Married outdoors in the late afternoon on a beautiful day. The one thing I forgot to bring in my purse....Kleenex and I needed it. The ceremony was just wonderful. So well spoken and touching!

This is a picture of the building were all the festivities took place. You can tell by the palm trees we are in California.
I have more pictures to share, but at least wanted to post these. One thing that wasn't caught on camera was Dan-the-Man out on the dance floor doing some moves that have made a lifetime impression on his nieces and nephews that they will never forget! (anyone remember the bar scene from the movie Dan in Real Life?....yeah...along those lines)
Such a wonderful time with family and friends. The newlyweds are enjoying a honeymoon in Maui...can't wait to here all about it!