Sunday, January 3, 2010


These cutie patooties are from Just adorable! Such dainty little handwork!

How cute is this little felt project? You can get the directions at I love how they use buttons on top.

These are actually baby rattle from the website

The creme de la creme....A Pixie toadstool birthday cake from , click on the food link and type in pixie cake and you can down load the directions. If i was more technically savvy, I could do it for you, but that's the price you pay being blog friends with the Nancemeister. There are strengths and weaknesses and technology is not my strength.
Daydreaming and being artsy fartsy is though!


Karen said...

So cute!! Haven't heard "Take Five" in years so that is fun to listen to also.
Happy New Year!
Ladybug Creek

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

My goodness someone has patience! Such detail and lots of work!

Suz said...

Oh dear those are sooooooooooooo cute

Martha said...

They are so cute. Don't you love toadstools? They remind me of fairies!

Beverly said...

Such cute little toadstools...But that cake "takes the cake". Who could eat it?

Susan S. said...

What CUTE mushrooms! I LOVE them all but especially love the cake! I found some freaky, huge mushrooms in my neighborhood recently. Check out my blog to see them. :)

Happy New Year from Houston, TX

BECKY said...

Those are just adorable, Nanc!! I admire people who can work with tiny stuff. Me...NOPE!!

Hope your week is off to a great start BFF!!
Mine is...just a little slow!! These cold temps just aren't my cup of tea!!
Love and hugs to you!

Leslie said...

Cute Toadstools!! You just gave me the cutest idea!!! oh boy.. there I go planning another project. " )

Cathy Cobblestone said...

Thanks for sharing such cute pictures - now I think I'm gonna have to make me some kind of mushroom - hehe. Don't know what kind - but hey, they are just to cute! Have a great new year! Cathy

Anonymous said...

I love the glitter display and pretty background....
You are very talented with your blog ! Wow, the mushrooms are incredible...with love, sister Janet

Cathy said...

Those little toad stools are the cutest ever!! I do a lot of needlework and love little project like that. And I'm going to make that cake too. Very fun post. Thanks, Nancy.

Carol J. said...

Those are adorable photos, Nancy! I also love the buttons on top...buttons and wooden clip clothespins seem to add something "just right" to a lot of crafts.

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Nancy,
Happy new year to you!. I have been catching up with you tonight. How cute is the little toad house with the flowers, I love that one.
The photo of you and your daughter is lovely!.
May all your dreams come true this year.
Big hugs and God bless,