Monday, January 11, 2010

Heavenly Treats

Recipe & Photo BBC Good Food
I lucked upon this recipe when I was browsing around the Internet and it's been trouble ever since. Maybe it's the teen temperatures and icicles dripping on my head when I'm unlocking the door. Maybe it's the fact that I HEART strawberries. Maybe it's because I've been non-compliant getting back on track (all though I did do the treadmill today...yeah!) since the holidays but this little naughty had to be made. It's like a sponge cake make on a jelly roll pan, sliced impossibly thin, then CHAMBORD (raspberry heavenly liquor) brushed in between the layers...while that is soaking in, you make the BUTTER CREAM frosting with more fresh strawberries blended in, and viola....your family thinks you are a pastry goddess.

Now, as your friend, I must warn you...the recipe (BTW the link is here) is in METRIC. I'm sure you college educated folks out there will have no problem switching the metric values around, and then there are the Nancy's of the world. The girl who only passed High School Algebra because her gymnastic coach was the teacher and if he failed me, I couldn't be on the team...I know Too Much Information. ANYHOW friends, I'm going to save you. The caster sugar is roughly 3/4c. and the flour is roughly 1c. The butter in the icing is a 1/2c. and the icing sugar (aka powdered sugar) is 2 1/2 c. You can thank me later, because if you've ever gone on to a metric conversion website, words may come out of your mouth that you haven't heard since the girls bathroom in High School (or as Melinda says "Potty Mouth")

My local liquor store had a $4.00 mini-airplane size bottle(not that I'm a lush when I fly or anything) of the Chamboud...which was a little shy of what I could have used. You also can use a strawberry liquor too. Either way I'm sure they are both delicious! Enjoy my friends! You will not be disappointed! 58 days until Spring and victory will be ours!


Country Dreaming said...

Looks delish. I love the color. Thanks for saving us from potty mouths!

Are you not enjoying our "balmy " weather here?
It got up to 30 degreed today!

:) Melinda

Martha said...

This looks yummy -- we're strictly on fruit plain for dessert unless we have company! (I'm thinking many dinner parties!)

I get an "off" brand of Chambord in a bigger size bottle -- much less cheaper (but not quite as good -- but to brush on cake -- it's fine!)


Jules said...

Yummy. I could use a bite about now! Like your new blog decor!

Lots of Love

Gayle (GardenofDaisies) said...

Oh my gosh that looks so wonderfully delicious! I know what you mean about metric conversion making you crazy. I wish there was a web site where you could go and plug in the recipe and get it converted to American measurements. Maybe there is one. Is there???

Leslie said...

oh yum!!! that looks devine! may have to try it.

Karine said...

This looks amazing! Thanks for sharing :)

Catherine said...

It looks so good!

Cathy said...

What a beautiful and mouthwatering dessert. I saw some pretty good looking strawberries at Costco yesterday. I think I should go back and buy some. Buying little mini bottles for recipes is a very good idea. Thanks, Nancy.

Joyce said...

I never think to ask if they even have a small bottle when I need only a few teaspoons for a recipe. This looks incredible and I would love to eat this for my dinner tonight:) Skip the food and go right to desserts is my idea of a good meal:)

Beverly said...

Yummy...I can just imagine how it would taste. Not quite on my Weight Watchers diet, but so appealing as I am thinking Valentine decor right now.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

YUM, and we sure have some things in common.

I only passed algebra because my teacher, Mr. Mohnike, had red hair too. Thank God he let me pass because. TMI?

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

Suzanne said...

My daughter Lydia wants a strawberry cake for her birthday and I spotted this snippet on another blog and popped on over. What a great recipe for little girls and big girls! Hmmm...wonder if I need to sub that liquer with something for the 6 yo girls:-) Also, I had that same header on my blog Blueberry Cottage until last month! Too funny--great minds think alike maybe:-)

the wild raspberry said... your spring countdown! i'm ready.