Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dreamy Linens

These lovelies are from COTTAGECHICSTORE which carries all of my favorite vendors. I daydream about having a bed like this........
or this.....It just kind of puts you in another place and time. I believe these are by Bella Notte. It would make for a perfect place for reading fairy tales and sipping a cup of Earl Grey tea don't you think?


Deanna said...

Hello there!
I luv the brown linens!!!
They are gorgeous.

Trying to stay warm in my part of Kansas. Brrrr...tis cold.

God bless,
d from homehaven

Elizabeth said...

Since I'm getting my hip surgery soon, we are contumplating a brand new bed. I want a princess and the pea type of bed...pillow top and fat and cozy! Hopefully mine will look like the bottom one in your picture :)

Elizabeth said...

oops contemplating...I hate when I miss spell!

Country Dreaming said...

Cozy looking! Great for staying warm here in Kansas.


Valerie said...

Hi Sweet Friend!

Just dropping by to say hello!

I would love some bed linens like that...especially since I've been spending a lot of time under the covers; both due to the weather and feeling under the weather.

Hope all is well,


Martha said...

If I were "rich" -- I would have my maid put fresh sheets on the bed every morning -- luxury to me is clean sheets! Alas, since I am the "maid" -- it gets done once a week!

Those beds are luxurious!

Leslie said...

PRETTY!! Wonder what my dogs would think of them. I could never have anything so nice with these animals.

Cathy said...

You must have read my mind, Nancy. This is just the kind of site I've been looking for. Love that shabby chic look and need to do a little updating. I'll have fun browsing through it. Thanks.

Tracey said...

They are Bella Notte...I have the same pictures in my favorites file!! We must both have great taste :)

Hope you have a great week!!!

:) T

Beverly said...

I would love disappearing under the covers and reading my favorite book. Thanks for the site link too.

Alice said...

Beautiful! The only problem would be that I would never want to get out of bed!