Thursday, January 28, 2010

California Here We Come!!!

Watching the morning news and learning that the morning temperatures will be 19 degrees as Dan-the-Man and I hop on a plan for sunny California makes me a little giddy inside. Ah yes, as my co-workers will be trudging into work I'll be OFF. Sauntering up to the airline check out counter, with a little pep in my step, generously tipping the bag handlers, and skipping down the isle of the plane, nestling into my seat, with an ear to ear grin. "Why yes, I WOULD love a bag of peanuts and a ginger ale". I made sure that when we change planes to get to our final destination, it wasn't in Denver or Chicago in January, but balmy Phoenix, Arizona. Did I ever tell you the story of my Chicago O'Hare flight? The one that was supposed to arrive at 1:00pm in the afternoon and my toes didn't touch the carpet of the airport terminal until 2:30am, the very carpet I got to "sleep" on overnight??? Yeah, that's a story for another time and place....
I have better things to look forward my sister Janet picking us up from the airport and giving one of the best hugs ever! The happiness of seeing my family that I haven't seen in MONTHS....

Including this LOVE BUG. My MOMMY! Talk about the best hugs in the world, hers are the best. I know, because I've been getting them from her my whole life!

The reason for the visit, not that there HAS to be one....because this handsome devil, my nephew Aaron is GETTING MARRIED!!!! What is better than a visit, than a visit with a CELEBRATION!!!!! (pictured here with his favorite Aunt, Me....sorry Barbara, just stating the facts!)

Ah yes...Aaron(aka "Peaches" a despised nickname given by his older brother) is getting married. He's like a second son to me and we always have the best of times together. You never see him without a smile on his face, and now he has more reason than ever to be happy and he is going to be walking down the isle this weekend. We couldn't be happier for him! (pictures to follow upon our return) for that check list of mine......
Camera charged...check
Wedding gift purchased....oops, not yet....
New shoes to wear.....whoops
Clothes washed.....ut oh...
Suitcase recovered from basement....check
Melinda nagging me if I've packed yet....check :)
Wedding card....dang!
Okay, so I'm kind of a last minute kinda gal. I can say I'm always ready to walk out the door right on time, every time, it's my process!
Here's Dan checklist when we get to California (not necessarily in order of importance)
In and Out Burger
Fresh seafood Dinner
In and Out Burger
Walk Around Balboa Island, including a Balboa Bar
In and Out Burger
and finally.... In and Out Burger


Country Dreaming said...


HA! :)


Farmgirl Cyn said...

Oh my! Sunny California! And a wonderful reason to be going there! Handsome nephew, beautiful sis, and a very huggable mom. Jealous!

Leslie said...

Have a great safe trip nancy! handome newphew.. gonna be a lot of sad single ladies in Cali!!

Suz said...

Oh what fun! I wish I was heading for California
miss my grandkids! But you have fun for all of us..and an adult beverage or two if you are so inclined...Family..oh the best
really really know we think of you and wish you all the best on this wonderful occasion...and he's cute

Karen said...

Have a great time. I've been to In and Out Burger in L.A. So good!
Have a fantastic time.
Ladybug Creek

BECKY said...

Oh How fun!!! I am praying for a safe trip and that you have an absolute blast!! What a cutie your nephew is!! And a great your smiling face, too BFF!!

We will miss you, but can't wait to hear all about it!! Take plenty of pics, OK???
AND give your Mom a hug from me! Oh how I wish I could have a Mom hug again!!

Love ya,

Elizabeth said...

Sounds so fun!! I love weddings! Lucky you...well, lucky nephew :)

OK what is it about getting on a plane that one always seems to have to order Ginger ale? Do you drink in any other time than on a plane? I know I don't...but as soon as the flight attendant comes..."Yes, I would like a ginger ale please"

Have a blast and post pictures later!!

Tracey said...

Good ole O'Hare airport...I live in a suburb of Chicago so I have been in that airport many times. I'm terribly jealous that you are going on some place warm!! It is sooooo cold here this week - yuck. Enjoy the wedding...and the balmy weather!!

:) T

Alice said...

Lucky you! Enjoy your time there (and I know you will), and don't worry about us back in Kansas....with snow and freezing temps and all. Dang, now I've got to get the shovel and extra rugs out again!

By the way, I'm a last minute girl too--I work better that way. Like you, I get it done on time. But when I travel I use a list that I've saved on the computer so I won't forget anything.

Have a safe, enjoyable trip!

Carol J. said...

Have a wonderful time Nancy (and Dan). Although I really do prefer cold rather than hot, when we woke up this morning it was ONE DEGREE. One. And that was before the wind I wouldn't mind soaking in that sun and warmth, too. :)

Anonymous said...

We just got home from Phoenix on the 26th. We lived there for many years.... cold here in Virginia... brrrrr. Found your blog over at Mona's blog.

The Blue Ridge Gal
(Nice to meet you!)

Cottage Cozy said...

Have a simply fabulous time!

Beverly said...

Welcome to California, although it is not always "sunny" California, but much warmer than you have it.
Your Mom and sister both look like sweethearts and you do have a handsome nephew.
I know right where Balboa Island is, although I am in Bakersfield about 2 hrs. north. We grew up in Long Beach and my sweet hubby is working in Irvine (Orange County) right now.
Enjoy your "In and Outs". I didn't realize that was a Ca. thing.
Hope the weather is great and you enjoy your time of celebration with family.

Valerie said...

Hello sweet friend!

Don't know if you've arrived back to frigid KC yet or if you are still enjoying the sunny California weather, but I hope you had a fabulous time at the wedding! What a GREAT reason to fly back home and see family! I bet you gave that huggable mom of your's a great big bear...hug!

Thanks so much for visiting last week and leaving your kind words of congratulations! We are so very excited about Baby #3, even if it makes us the world's oldest "parents" at his/her high school graduation. (No, that's not my GRANDMA, that's my MOM!!!)

I've only been to Cali twice, but my girlfriend made SURE I had In & Out Buger...YUM!

Take care and I'll be back for another visit soon to hear all about the trip! Happy February,


Nezzy said...

I was just checkin' to see if ya'll were back yet and hear about your wonderful trip.

Hope your havin' a blast!!!

God bless and have a super weekend!!!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

See what I miss when I don't keep up on a daily basis. You are headed off to my state and I find out about it probably when you are headed home! :( Oh well. I am anxious to see the wedding pictures...:) LOVE..WEDDINGS!
I'm glad you got to get all warm out here!