Thursday, January 21, 2010

The "BOB" Haircut

Ever since I was very young, I always thought the "BOB" haircut was tres chic! I loved watching movies set in the 20's and 30's and thought the movie stars were incredibly sophisticated. The slim line of the dresses, usually chiffon with sequins and the stars all had characters that were strong, sophisticated and feminine all wrapped into one.
Move into modern times, and it's still a haircut that is just timeless. No matter what your face shape, I think it looks fabulous on everyone.

Marion Davies, such a classic beauty. She was the starlet who was the girlfriend of William Randolph Hearst and if you ever get a chance to go to central California, you MUST see Hearst Castle...but that's a post/pictures for another day :)

In inverted "BOB"....shorter in the back, longer in the front, which I have been told by a stylist or two is always flattering on the face.

Here is my mentor picture. Clean lines, classic, chic. Now many of you have goals like to loose X number of pounds for New Year's Resolutions (don't worry it's on my list too every year) but one of my MAIN goals is to develop PATIENCE and grow my bangs out. I really need hair therapy, because I've already been in the bathroom twice, with them combed down, scissors in hand, ready to relieve myself of the agony of having them hang right at the wrong spot. I think of the shame I would face, tail in between the legs, going back to my stylist, having to admit defeat and then I somehow muster up enough strength to set the scissors down and make it through another day and let them grow.
I know I have fellow friends out there who understand this. The last time I didn't have bangs was 2nd grade. (we won't do the math how many years ago that was right now) If there was a 1-800-DONT-CUT-BANGS hot line number, I'd be their numero uno client. Wish me luck!!!
P.S. I have the picture of Jenny printed at home and at my desk at work as a visual reminder to put the scissors down. I may need some support from time to time, and felt the need to reach out to my peeps. Kind of like therapy. "Hi, my name is Nancy, and I've gone for 6 weeks without cutting my bangs". Next........


Karen said...

Oh, yes... bobbed hair. I have pictures of both of my grandmothers when they were young and sporting this "daring" do.
Love your posting!
Ladybug Creek

Cathy said...

Be strong Nancy...You can do it. If you feel you are on the brink of caving in to temptation send out the call and we'll rush to your support.

I love that hair cut also. Have never worn it but always admire it on others. Good Luck.

Valerie said...

Hi Nancy.

This post is so timely...for I am experiencing hair dilemma on a daily basis.

As a matter of fact, I JUST cut LONG layers into my hair YESTERDAY. If you see yesterday's post, you will see a pic of me with my hair ALL ONE LENGTH! First time in my entire life...I've never not had bangs...even as a child. So, my 40th birthday resolution (that I set on my 39th birthday) was to grow out my bangs. It was sheer torture, but lo and behold, on my 40th, I had hair all one lenghth.

My problem is that I decided to grow my hair long and so I no longer have a cute chic bob (with bangs all one lenth) and it just looked sort of mousy on me (cursed with fine, thin, hair!).

So yesterday the stylist suggested we either take it up short (back to bob) or cut long layers to keep the length. I opted for the long layers. Ironically, she would not cut the bangs short...she said they looked good long and cut the layers so that if I want, I can return for the bob cut and still have the bangs grown stylist.

Okay, not sure how this comment got to be so long, but you know us ladies and our hair...never a short conversation!!!!


avalonrosedesign said...

Hi Nancy! As a former hairstylist I know how hard it can be to force yourself to put the scissors down when those pesky bangs get in your way. Waiting it out will be worth it!


Camille said...

Just a little word of advice ~ pin them back loosely with crossed bobby pins on top of your head to give yourself relief. Another option is a cute headband. Been there and done that! Hang in there ~ you can do it! :)

P.S. hopped over from Farmgirl Cyn's blog

Elizabeth said...

I'm a bang supporter though :) Every hairdresser that I break in, wants me to grow them out, and when I show them what it would look like, they always go "Oh Ya, I think the bangs are better." I just don't have the hair line or shape of face that would look good without them. But Oh how I wish I could grow them out sometimes since they are a pain. Good luck :)

Cottage Cozy said...

It is so hard not to take those scissors and start cutting...especially when it gets so awkward...but hang can do it... I love the bob too!

Colleen said...

Oh it is going to look fabulous on you! Just remember, this is the year to be going FORWARD..forward thinking, forrward fashion and forward CAN do this - we're all here for you throuh your growing-pains LOL
{don't make us do a hair-intervention)

Anonymous said...

I've worn a bob biggest part of my young life - at the time when joanna Lumley(Purdey in New Avengers) was such a big hit in UK and elsewhere. Will always be stunning... a bob!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh's too late! I just whacked off my bangs again...and not only that, I divided my hair, pulled it around on each side and whacked it off too. I'm not only trying to grow out bangs but darkish bleached mess that was what I had to go to grow out the gray (which by the way is OLD no matter how good Merle Streep looked in "The Devil Wears Prada!")
I had to give in some time. I figure it like this. I'm old now anyway and who the heck cares. I wad it all up on the back of my head and put a clip in it most of the time anyway. Beats a curly gray helmet and thick stockings! I think I may need an intervention before I really get temped not only to cut my bangs but hit the bottle (of dye) again. Wish I just had my bangs to worry about...sniff sniff...:( I would help you but I'm all I can handle. :)

BECKY said...

You can feel free to contact me in case of emergency BFF!! I have conquered the BANGS!!!! Victory is in sight...keep your eye on the prize!! No more bangs stuck to your forehead when you get a little...well...shall we say sweaty...oops I mean when you glisten...and no more poking in the eyes, or having to fiddle with them when they don't cooperate! No No No!!!!! Just say NO to scissors, and you will see...
LIFE WITHOUT BANGS ROCKS!! Occasionally I contemplate chopping and then come out of my fog and squeal with delight that I won the victory!! WOOHOO!!

Love and hugs to you quack me up!!