Sunday, January 24, 2010

Artzy Craftsy

I have been in my gnome p.j.'s for the better part of the day in the art room being artzy craftsy. This is a look at the creative genius in progress. I start out with a clear space and before I know it there is stuff everywhere!

This is the creative team mascot. Trixie Petunia...aka Trix...aka....Trigger Doone...aka...Tricky...
Daddy just bought her a new pink sparkle collar! Santa brought her a new deluxe doggie bed.
Yes, don't fall over, those are actual RAYS OF SUNSHINE outside. Hours, days, weeks of grey skies, and for a brief period, we actually saw sunlight today. It was very exciting. The squirrels were out in full force and I fed them some turbo squirrel food to help them get through another possible dusting of snow scheduled this evening.

And to my dear friend you SEE what is on the craft table? That's right....a recipe book. (okay so it's Nadia's and not yours) Yes, I realized I "kidnapped" yours weeks ago....and yes, I realize that I promised to give your back to you after some minor adjustments on New Years Eve....I know it's January 24th.....the good news is we are somehow still in your good graces and have been invited over to your home for Superbowl Sunday....and there is an incredibly high chance I will have your recipe book returned to you by then! Scouts honor, pinky swear....Hugs-n-kisses and Trix sends you a lick! :) I know how you love that on the back of your arm when you least expect it! :)


Leslie said...

I know all about making a mess of a clear clean space ~ That's one happy mascot you have. Too cute!!!

Country Dreaming said...

Well, I'm glad to hear that MY recipe book may get returned soon! Ha! Ha! :)
Looks like you two were very busy crafters today. Yes, I am a lover of Trixie's kisses. :) Right back at her.


Beverly said...

And isn't that the way the space for a creative artist should look. How could you get anything done if it was clean and orderly. Mine is worse....but I do know where everything is....famous last words. I started a scrap recipe book 3 yrs. ago for my DIL's...mmmm should try to find that.