Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Anxious for Spring

It happens every year. Despite my resolves to get through January and February, they are not my favorite months of the year. (Except Valentine's Day :) It's dark, gray and cold, and although I mentally try to prepare, and try to convince myself it's a good time to drink lattes and be artzy fartsy, I find myself day dreaming about spring. Lovely images like this that make me want to build a pergola in our back yard and have a lovely chandelier like this one.....I imagine a table, filled with things like caprese salad, bruchetta, and vino, laughing under the stars with family and friends.
I LOVE twinkle lights. I lay in bed at night wondering if I should ask Dan the Man to perilously climb the extension ladder so out massive oak tree could look like this?

Perhaps a fountain, to listen to the trickling of water...so relaxing. I could sit by a fountain for hours and be content!

Especially if I have a nice glass of Limoncello.... a good book, sunshine streaming down through the opening in the tree leaves finding just the right spot to sit and cover my eyes. Watching the birds fly here and there, thinking how wonderful life is...and how I want the day to go on forever.

Ah yes, my dream table setting. A pergola with wisteria growing up and over the top. Looking at all the delicate blossoms, and the bees and butterflies.

Images are from apartmenttherapy, James Beard Foundation, & ehow


Suz said...

wow now you have me weeping for spring!
Those are gorgeous
I do have a chandelier in my garden
Oh summer where art thou?

Valerie said...

Good morning dear friend and thank you so much for your kind comments that you left on my last post!

We are over the moon with excitement about Baby #3. Had a high-resolution, Level 2 ultrasound yesterday afternoon (b/c...well...I'm old! LOL) and baby looked so beautiful doing front and back flips, waving his/her little hands and kicking and pulling in legs. So very relieved and so very excited.

Now on to your post...I too long for spring every year! January especially seems to get me down...mostly b/c it is so darn cold her here, but usually snowless. If it's gonna be cold there should at least be some precip! Feb. isn't quite as bad b/c it only has 28 days and there is that anticipation of Valentine's Day!!!

Your springtime images were just lovely and having me pining for April and May!!!

Blessings sweet friend,

Cathy said...

Spring does seem so far away...sigh. But now I'm trying to motivate myself to start a few projects for next Christmas. I know - it sounds awful, but I get so busy in the summer and fall and don't do it then and regret it. I'm always so happy when I have a few things tucked away that I've made. I finally cleaned up my sewing room so I can find the supplies I'm looking for. Yay for me!

Country Dreaming said...


Spring, Spring, Spring. Yes, a lovely season.
But you know how I feel about winter.
Time to slow down and work inside. But I'll be looking forward soon!
Did you get to see Castle?

Melinda :)

heartfelt living said...

What wonderful pictures! They really lifted my spirits today. I feel like I went right from the jolly happy Christmas feeling to cabin fever in no time flat. I'm ready for spring too!

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

Nancy...oh, my dear..i am dreaming of spring..just today i looked at the calendar and thougt why is january so bad...i try to make it happy..cozy, hot chocolate,reading,sewing.....it's not working....

i want to get in the garden and plant and water and bbq.....please....

loved the post..i am right with you

more later, my friend


BECKY said...

Love these pics BFF and twinkle lights and bruschetta with a little wine!! Oh delight of my heart!!! I make a mean artichoke breschetta too!! When you talk Dan the Man into all of the above...Kansas here I come!!
Have a great week!! Spring will be here before you know it!!

Beverly @ My Sew Sweet Studio said...

I am yearning for spring too. I live in California, but too many days of fog, wind and rain. Loved your pictures of green, flowers, fountains and the twinkle lights. Wisteria...Soon, very soon.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I don't know how to do my own button either...Soon, very soon.

Nezzy said...

Oh how ya'll are givin' me the fever girl! I am obsessed with the love of a beautiful bloom. We are expectin' major weather, up to three inches of ice followed by 6-12 inches of snow. Right now gardening is running through my veins but is gonna have to remain a dream for now!!!

Ya'll have a greatly blessed day!!!