Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mug shot of me and my daughter. She used Photoshop because she is smart like that! It's a wonderful thing. Fixed my fly-away hairs, whitened my teeth. She naturally looks this gorgeous....I don't as you'll see on my Christmas morning picture below....rolling fresh out of bed, in all my glory here to share with the world!
You see, we've had snow...a lot of snow....for us. It's snowed for about 2 days. Little more to come this afternoon. We've been working on that blasted !#%$&^$( jigsaw puzzle....ready to throw it into its box. Some artist who thought it would be funny to make several areas in the same color tones, just to drive me nuts. You stare at the pieces over and over again, hoping you will find a glimmer of hope. When all else fails, you start focusing on the shapes. Yes my friends, I know you have suffered this pain along with me, and understand why I had to make a change and stop working on it before I went's still on the coffee table, taunting me. That's when you shift gears, and watch the whole ENTIRE season 1 of Castle dvd. Yes, the son pulled through for me! Watched episode after episode while doing my cross stitch (which is just about done FYI)
Then when your husband forces you out of the living room that you've been holding up in and announces "There's a game on today" (translation FOOTBALL) you realize you made actually need to get up, shower, get out of the pj's you've been living in and move to a different room. Fortunately, that's when I was able to bust out my new Cricut machine. I was good this year, I was very, very good, because Santa also got me a new Canon photo printer. What do you get when you have a Cricut+Photo printer?=SCRAP BOOKING!!!!! Life is good my friends, oh yes indeed it is! I will be listening to my new Brad Paisley c.d. while figuring out the intricacy of my new devices. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I'll be in the artsy craftsy mode for the remainder of the day if you need me!


Leslie said...

Love the new sparkles.. it is changing as I read.. lol. If you are like me and love glitter..I have a picture that you will love.
ONe day i had nothing better to do but uncap my glitter collection and take pictures. lol.

Enjoy your Cricut!! It's funny.. i've been in the mood for both a good puzzle and some scrapbooking (I just didn't want to start the mess yet)
The photo is very pretty.. you both are gorgeous ladies!!!

Have fun

Kristina said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the of my favorite Christmas gifts also! Enjoy!

Martha said...

Looks like you had a nice Christmas -- we didn't get as much snow as you did -- just flurries yesterday. But we have been spending time indoors at Linderhof! After the hustle and bustle, I am enjoying the quiet and it was amazing how many "things" I got to go through today (what started out as a "straighten the gift wrap drawer" turned into a marathon of drawers upstairs!) We have plenty of food (good snack type food to munch on) and we're not in danger of running out of martinis so life is good!

Glad you had such a great Christmas!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

I have GOT to figure out Photoshop! I love what your daughter did! Can it get rid of a double chin and the 20# I put on this year???

BECKY said...

Hi BFF!! WOW!!! So when are you coming down? LOL!! That would be so cool! We would have a blast, AND I'd make double dog sure that my house looked GREAT for you!! ;o) Speaking of looking great...AWESOME pic! You two look like sisters, not Mom and daughter!! A beautiful duo indeed! And yes, even w/o make-up!! You go girl!!

A CRICUT!! I am a bit green with envy! We make cards, and I would love to have one for that!! Lucky duck!!

Hope you have a wonderful new year, Nanc!!
Sure do love your bloggy friendship!

Love and hugs,

Jeanneoli said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas and you will have so much fun with the Cricut!!!

Gayle (GardenofDaisies) said...

LOL, we put a Christmas puzzle out too. Have fun with your new scrapbooking tools!

the wild raspberry said...

hope you enjoy your xmas goodies!
have a wonderful new years celebration and a very happy new year~

Beverly @ My Sew Sweet Studio said...

Wow! You must have been a good girl to receive such great gifts. Hope you got lots of scrapbooking done. My DIL got a Cricut last year and loves it. You look good in both your pictures.
We used to do a puzzle every year on the DR table. One year we got down to the last piece and it was missing....My son and I had tried to find that piece for so long....and it was missing. We haven't done one since.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Boy did you how fun...Now get scrapbooking and glittering, girl.

Jules said...

You and Nadia look FABULOUS!!!

BECKY said...

HAPPEEEEEEEE NEW YEAR, NANC!! Hope it is full of all things wonderful, and some wacky adventure, too!!

Love and big squishy hugs!!