Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Magic

I love lighting candles year round...but it's especially nice during the holidays. My mother in law gave me some lovely candle stick holders with Yankee sampler Red Berry & Cedar candles to burn and the scent is heavenly!
Mini marshmallows in hot cocoa....doesn't get much better....except maybe some shaved chocolate on top of that!
Love to bake and try new recipes each year...can't wait to have some time off to bake and try new recipes! I love listening to Christmas music and making a day of it!
My son loves peanut brittle. I just got my mittens on a recipe by Paula Deen for English Toffee which in my sons mind, will beat out the peanut brittle!
Pretzel rods, dipped in melted white chocolate and decorated. So easy and so cute in the decorative cellophane bags. Nice little gifts to put on co-workers desks just because, or delivery to random people who are nice!

What traditions to you have each year?


blushing rose said...

Sounds wonderful to me! Looks good, too.

TTFN ~Marydon
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Jeanneoli said...

Oh my goodness...all your goodies look amazing!!! We will be making candy with friends in a few weeks.

Country Dreaming said...

Well, aren't you the busy beaver. Everything looks yummy!!!!!!
Save me some. :)

Jules said...

Danish butter cookies are a tradition for me! Also bacon on Christmas morning brunch is a must!

Catherine said...

what good things for xmas ,i also maken cookies

Anonymous said...

That looks wonderful! I always make sugar cookies to decorate and always burn Christmas scented candles.

Suz said...

Everything looks better with Christmas
it stirs us to good things
pretzels !

Elizabeth said...

Wow, you are in Cozy time mode!!

Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! said...

I am loving the idea of the pretzel rods to give to co-workers. It is a perfect idea.

I am with you, I will spend a Saturday or two baking with the Christmas music in the background. Unfortunately that is the only time of year my Kitchen-Aid mixer gets used and my SH paid a small fortune for it a few years ago. That was my Christmas present.

Well, that is how it is going to be until I retire. Darn that pesky job that gets in the way of our fun! LOL

Martha said...

You're in the Christmas spirit -- I love the smell of seasonal candles as well -- they make the holidays even more perfect!

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Nancy,
Oh my, everything looks so yummy!I will have one of each please (hehehe). I wish we lived close by eachother, because I would be hobbleing over on my one good foot to have hot coco and goodies with you. I love your Christmas wall paper background, it looks so pretty!
Big hugs,

Michelle said...

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas baking day ~ that's what I'm doing this weekend with my nephew .. we make cookies together every year. My shopping list is made and now it's time to get ready..

Mimi said...

All that baking is beautiful. What is the white with the red/green? Is is chocolate or some type of nougat...looks delicious?

Angela Harris said...

Wow, you get holiday mom of the year! I want to do all of those things now!
It looks so festive over there!
~Angela Harris

BECKY said...

Wow BFF!!! You have been busy gal! Everything looks beautiful and oh so very yummy!! Wish I could hop in the car and pop in to share some cocoa with you!!

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your header! Do you love gnomes, too? Now I know we were separated at birth!!! I don't have any, but adore them!! Does this little guy have a name? Oh he must have a name! Let me know!

Have a joyful weekend, Nanc!!
Hopefully my 'puter will get fixed so I can properly blog soon! And hopefully I will get my Christmas decorating done this weekend!

Love and hugs,

Carol J. said...

Hi Nancy. Everything looks so festive and downright pretty here! I got such a warm feeling visiting you today.

Have a wonderfully relaxing weekend, even if it means baking to your heart's content. :)