Thursday, November 19, 2009

Painted Ladies

Went for a country drive up to a little town north of Kansas City and discovered these beauties! I love the old stone work and wrought iron fences! Can't you just imagine sitting on the porch sipping a glass of lemonade during the summer time?
Such beautiful detail...can't even imagine painting all the nooks and crannies! Why can't homes still be built like this today?

This little cutie is FOR SALE....trouble!!!!

Can you imagine how beautiful it is going to look at Christmas time with twinkle light strung all over?

Details like no other! Simple amazing. Never know what you are going to find on those random country drives!
Addendum: For those of you who are local and want to take a drive, the town is Plattsburg, Missou-RAH :)


Cathy said...

Hi Nancy - I LOVE these gorgeous old houses! Can you believe the detail. I live in an old, out in the country town, but we don't have anything on this scale. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Suz said...

Oh those photos and that music "tis Autumn...well, I can envision us sitting by the fire with a glass of wine and just chatting into the wee hours of the morning....I love those old fences! I have a thing for them..don't know why...something inside connects to them...
pour me another glass of merlot

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Good Morning Nancy,
How lovely and divine! Wouldn't it be fun to live in anyone of these beauties?. Gary and I also love to take dives and look at all the old charmers we can find. I so love the wrap around porch. I have a very small front porch but its fun to sit out there and watch the neighbors walk their dogs, ride their bikes or jog. I don't do any of those things (I am just to lazy) LOL. I will wave at them and say Hi!.
Nancy I love your new back round!
Have a wonderful day,

Elizabeth said...

Last time I lived around homes like these, was when I lived up north in Humboldt county. Everything is Victorian up there.
Those homes are beautiful that you photographed, I'm sure they aren't that expensive by California standards!

Country Dreaming said...

And where did we go for a drive this time?
They are beautiful homes--it would be fun to see them on the inside.


Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh wow -- my favorite sport: house peeping! Now you have to drive by at NIGHT and hope that no one draws their curtains after dark.

I do love people who leave their windows bare, so i can see inside and peep at their decor!

Gorgeous houses. I passed a Victorian the other day that had the most amazing painted details -- each carved leaf along the verge boards was painted a different color green!

now I need to remember where I saw it. . . .


Carol J. said...

Good Saturday morning Nancy. I love the photos you took! And that pink one...I would be fantasizing about it endlessly!

I also imagine what it must have been like "once upon a time". Whenever I see an old house, especially those from the 1700's, I picture the people who must have walked those floors, climbed the stairs, looked out the windows. Thanks for sharing. :)

Alice said...

Just beautiful! I've always wanted to live in one of these, but oh the work they take to keep looking nice.

What city did you visit? I'd love to go there and see these. Did you just happen upon them or was there some sort of guide?

Have a lovely day!

Jeanneoli said...

These are incredible and are making me want to move back to the midwest!!!

Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

Wow, those are gorgeous homes!