Friday, October 16, 2009

Fairytale Germany

This is the beautiful village Dan-the-Man stayed in on his recent business trip in Germany.
The towns name is Windischeschenbach (Say that fast three times!) It's in the south east region of Germany(Bavaria) and looks pristine clean and breathtaking! Addendum 10/18: Dan the Man pointed out that the picture of the above town is Flossenburg, not Windischeschenbach where he was staying....heaven forbid you make a trip to Europe and I pointed you to the wrong town! Mercy!
This is in Munich at Marion Platz...just some incredible architecture. Dan said you can't even begin to appreciate the detail carved in the stone at some of the buildings.

Out of all the photographs, I fell I LOVE with this and am ready to build this in my backyard right now. Elves, fairies, chipmunks...whoever wants to reside there, this is just the cutest thing ever. The steps? C'mon! Absolutely magical!

Do yourself a favor and click on this picture so you can enjoy the beautiful details inside this church, just breathtaking!

Dan said there were trails and parks everywhere in the area where you just enjoy nature. Germans are big hikers and love to be outside, weather permitting of course!

Beautiful buildings everywhere dressed up with bountiful flower boxes. I am all for it and love how charming it makes everything look. Lovely!
There is more to share, I'll have to do a part two. We just got back from celebrating our anniversary early since Dan will be on yet another business trip on the real date, but at least this trip is much closer to home. We've just been enjoying each others company and had a lovely dinner. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Smiles, Nancy


Country Dreaming said...

Hey Nan--
Dan did real well with the camera! Beautiful pics--especially the church.
Sounds like you had a nice dinner and the company wasn't too bad either huh?
Talk to you soon.

BECKY said...

Wow BFF simply lovely!! Dan did a great job!! Too bad you couldn't accompany him!! My sister lived over there for 7 years and they didn't want to move back here but had to since her hubby was in the military.

I've missed ya gal! Hope your celebration was divine and that you will share some of it with us!! Can't wait for part 2!

Have a lovely weekend and know that your thought of often!

Martha said...

Germany is a fairytale -- Dan did take some lovely pictures -- if he goes again perhaps you can go with him.

Found a lovely new store in Brookside -- Paris Flee Market -- great things, great prices. It's a block off of 63rd north of J'Adore. (another favorite shop).

Janean said...

Thank you for sharing part of your vacation with us!

Elizabeth said...

We went to Bavaria while living in France. Very storybook indeed. I loved the Neuschwanstien castle the beautiful. Thanks for sharing the trip pictures and bring back great memories :)

Suz said...

I'm acorns over your blog
Did you do the watercolor at your blog heading? Beautiful colors
And that fairy castle....too perfect..I definitely am going to have one of those in my garden next year
Happy I followed
and found your blog

Carol J. said...

Hi Nancy. These are truly beautiful photos, but you know what I don't see? German chocolate cake!!! :P Maybe next trip over. I think building a little stone village at home would be very cool, though!

You asked what I'm reading now. I'm reading a book by Jonathan Kellerman called, um, Obsession, I think. I'm not enthralled with it, though. I did just finish reading two books that I did like...The Art of Racing in the Rain and Walking in Circles Before Lying Down.

Both of them relate to dogs...the first one is told through the dog's eyes (not a Marley story though, much more serious); the second is about a woman who, after much personal turmoil, begins to hear her dog, and all dogs, talking. The dialog of the animals is hysterical!

I know they sound like silly books, but they both deal with strong life issues...give them a try. Got any new book ideas for me? I'm in need of one (or five) to fall into. Have a good rest of the weekend. :)

Karen said...

Loved the pictures!!!!!
Have a great day,
Ladybug Creek

Jeanneoli said...

What gorgeous photos. I was in Germany and Austria about five years ago and loved it. I loved the detail everywhere!!!

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Nancy,
Wow, Dan the Man really took some great photo's. I love the fairy cottage too, oh my goodness its the best ever! you know I am 4"11 I think I could live there. LOL.
Great post,
Enjoy your day,

Tracey said...

Hey Nancy!! What a gorgeous place your hubby got to go! I've never been to any part of Europe, but I am hoping to make it to Paris next Spring! So many lovely places to visit in of these days!

:) T