Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weekend Getaway

Here are some happy pictures to share of our weekend getaway. We had a lovely drive to and fro, perfect weather, and a wonderful time. Not being technically savvy, the pictures are not uploaded in the correct sequence of events....so sorry for any confusion. This was taken in Lindsborg, Kansas which was a lovely little Swedish Community about 3+ hours west of Kansas City. Very charming with lovely flowers all along the store fronts.
Slojd in Swedish translates to "Crafts". I just loved all the wrought iron and wood signs throughout the town.

This beauty was actually in an antique store in Palexico, Kansas. This particular store specializes in refurbishing these beautiful wood burning stoves. The picture doesn't do it justice, it was HUGE and really a sight for the eyes to behold in person.

This picture was also taken in Palexico....a lovely Antique store with an out of control morning glory vine. Dan-the-Man asked me how come I couldn't get ours to grow like that at home. Guess I'll have to find out what Miracle Grow has to offer to get our vines to take off like that!

This is another cure Antique shop in Palexico.....they carried a nice selection of Western themed
items and furniture.

Back to Lindsborg (I told you the photos were not in sequence!). This is the Swedish Crown where we had lunch. Dan-the-Man had his sights set on some Swedish meatballs!

This was a cute little place where we had Swedish pancakes with lingo berries. I got the feeling this was every one's favorite hang out in town! The owner seemed to know everyone except us!
If we stayed a little longer, I'm sure we would have been on a first name basis too!

This is a Bed and Breakfast in Lindsborg. All of the homes in the town were very well kept and this B & B was no exception.

The whole purpose for our trip was for Dan-the-man and I to attend a military officers function in Salina, Kansas. It was nice for Dan to get to reconnect with some people from his past, and for each of the officers to be recognized for all of their hard work and dedication serving our country.
I am deliriously proud of him, and am always overwhelmed hearing the speeches, recognizing the sacrifices these men and women make for us to enjoy the freedom we have in our country.

Driving back home we decided to take the scenic route vs. the interstate, and I'm always glad we do. We strolled over rolling hills, doted with farms along the way, and just outside of Topeka, Kansas came across Lake Wabaunsee. It was lined with cabins and cottages....people were on the lake in sea-doos and boats....some people floating on rafts, and we found this cabin for sale that had our wheels turning the rest of the drive home. Daydreaming about having a vacation home and imagining BBQ's our on the deck, the kids coming up wet from the lake wanting a snack, sitting out on the deck early in the morning having a hot cup of coffee.....now only if those darn lotto tickets would pull through for me...just once. That's all I'm asking.


Pam @ This Humble House said...

Hi Nancy!
What a charming little town! Makes me think about the storefronts in Fredericksburg!
You two look like a sweet couple! I share your sentiments and appreciate your husband and others in the service for their sacrifices.
Have a great day!

~ Pam

BECKY said...

Sure enjoyed taking this trip with you, Nanc!!
The towns you visited are simply charming and I am sure such a delight to take in!

May I also say that You and Dan look GREAT!! Super pic of you two, and you in that lovely dress!!

I am very proud of my vet, too! He has buddies that are begging him to come work with them so he can fly choppers every day again, and while it's nice to be asked, he is quite content where he's at. Even the Army reserve has called and wants him back!! Too funny!

So glad you had a great time. I bet Dan and Ran would hit it off!! Nanc and Dan and Beck and Ran!! Sounds good to me!! So when did you say you guys were coming to Florida????

Happee Tuesday BFF!!
Hope it's a good one for you!!
Love ya,

Lenore said...

Lovely little Swedish town....enjoyed the trip with you!

Debbie said...

Kansas must be the only state we haven't shopped in! Just kidding. Looks like a great place to go. Your pictures looked very good and I think that big stove is just beautiful. Our stoves may work more conveniently, but they leave somthing to be desired in their appearance compared to the old ones. Don't you think. Bet you had a good time. Deb

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Nancy,
What wonderful pictures! I would love to go to Lindsborg and Palexico and browse the shops, they are both charming old towns.The picture of you and Dan is so lovely, you two look so happy.
My nephew will be deployed soon for his 3rd tour overseas, he is a Marine. We are very proud of him as you are of your "Dan the Man".
I enjoyed your post very much, I always do.
Take care and enjoy your day,

BECKY said...

Hi again Nanc,
Just thought you might enjoy one of my bloggy friend's vacation photos! She lives in Italy and her name is Gracie. You can find her here

http://mylittleplace.blog.com/ Her photos are awesome!!

Love and hugs,

Elizabeth said...

Looks like a splendid weekend! Cute picture of you two!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog you have here. Thanks so much for featuring Lindsborg. I was born there and live just outside of town on a farm. Looks like you had a great trip!


Jules said...

ANTie-you and Unky Dan look great in that photo!!! Glad to hear you too had a nice little gett-a-way!

Marianna said...


Thanks for stopping by to visit me. We are in the D/FW area...we have family in San Antonio. I love the hill country area. Hope y'all got to explore it a little while you were there.

Looks like you guys had a blast. That's a cute little cabin you found!

Philip Gulley is a Quaker pastor from Indiana. He writes both fiction and non-fiction. His Harmony series, set in small town Indiana, is hilarious!


Martha said...

What a great weekend. We haven't been to Lindsborg in a while -- we may have to go this fall!

Dreamgirl said...

I just found my way here blog-hopping. What a beautiful blog you have! Love your acorn theme...

Enjoyed following you on your trip. Lindsborg looks so pretty! Strange how a little Swedish town in Kansas can look so much better than the real thing (Sorry, if you are Swedish just skip this comment...) Of course I'm Norwegian and we do have sort of a love/hate relationship. But honestly this town looks like the Disney version of a Swedish town. (I bet there are some Disney versions of Norwegian towns in the Midwest too)
I thought the name of the breakfast place was adorable - just coming up with something like that, what an imagination! I want to eat there....

Well, as for the cabin. I'm crossing my fingers for you. Good luck with the lottery numbers!

Greetings from Norway

Alice said...

Nancy, I live just south of Topeka and have enjoyed reading your lovely blog! I have always wanted to visit Lindsborg but never seem to find the time! Thanks for sharing such lovely photos!

Martha from Ft. Scott--nice to see you here. I'll always remember the wonderful aroma of baking cookies when I visited your lovely home on the home tour one Christmas.


Joy said...

What a neat trip. Love that bed and breakfast it looks like a doll house.