Monday, August 17, 2009

Cross Stitch Project

I may have shared this before, so please forgive me if I'm having a 40's-itis memory problem...but this is the latest sampler I'm working on by Prairie Schooler. You can click on the image to enlarge it. I have found that cross stitch is a perfect hobby in so many ways. 1) It's small and portable 2) When everyone else is enthralled watching football (and you aren't) I can have something to work on 3) It gives me something to do while waiting ( room for daughter's tonsillectomy) 4) It's really relaxing (except for when I get an unwelcome knot in my thread...then high anxiety occurs!) My Mom cross stitched and I had no idea the labor of love that went into her projects and now I cherish them all them more! I had no experience cross stitching, but with a little coaching from a co-worker who helped me get started (Mom's in California) I was on my way! There are so many web sites that have the most wonderful patterns no matter what you taste are. One of my favorites is called Everything Cross Stitch . If you can't find it there, you're in trouble! They have thousands upon thousands of patterns! So give it a go! Even if you've never tried it, and don't have a bomb-diggity co-worker like I do, there are easy tutorials on line as well as pamphlets available. Trust me if I can learn, anyone can do it!


BECKY said...

Hi Sweetie!! I so appreciate your lovely thoughts on my blog, but it is as you said. We have to make a conscious choice to look up throughout our day. Have you heard that saying that your uplook determines your outlook? Well, trust me, I have my challenging days as well, and some where I can get quite down, but when I feel myself sinking I ask Him to prop me up and tell Him I don't like this sinking feeling. It makes all the difference in the world. Life is just too short to spend it in the pit when we can be soaring with the eagles!! Thanks so much, Nanc. I am SO glad our paths crossed, too! You keep me smiling and I'm delighted that God gave me such a fun, kindhearted bloggy friend!

I also have to tell you that I am a x stitcher!! And it is the one thing that I really mastered! I used to work in a x stitch shop and was in hog heaven. I got everything at cost. I haven't done any lately, but am looking at patterns, so it is so cool that you posted this!!
Gosh I hope we get to meet someday!! We could have some serious fun, ya know??!!

Have a joyful week, and know how much I appreciate you!!
Love your BFF for life! ;o)

Joy said...

I used to cross stitch awhile ago.. not so much now but I know how theraputic and it can be and relaxing. It is also a labor love like you said. Very nice progects you have made.

Cass @ That Old House said...

You do lovely work! I love, love, love cross stitch -- but I am afraid I don't enjoy doing it. I love crewel work and needlepoint, and used to teach embroidery. Now if I pick up needles, it's usually to knit.

But I still LOVE the look of cross stitch, and cherish the pieces my Mom did for us.

BTW -- Howard was VACUUMING in the mosaic... that's the romantic thing! He's in a little picture right next to the center pic of the smashed garlic!


the wild raspberry said...

i used to cross stitch lots and lots before having favorites were always samplers.
love your fall samplers~very sweet

Michelle said...

That is a great Prairie Schooler piece. Cross stitching is so relaxing for me. Happy stitching and thanks for the link for cross stitch stuff.


Carol J. said...

Hi Nancy. Very nice work you're doing!

I learned to cross stitch years ago and I do love it, but for some reason, I haven't done it in quite awhile. Not sure why...but maybe I can get started again. I tend toward smaller projects, but I've seen the elaborate ones you mention...they look like paintings! Talk about patience!

Hope all is well with you. Our heat wave is in its 4th day or so...just great. Bring on the chill!

Valerie said...

Hey Lady!

Got your message regarding the tag! Just give a few days to get it completed...Mary starts PreK tomorrow and it's been a crazy few last days around here.

(I recently watched two different programs on hoarding (A&E, TLC) and have now become obssessed with pitching everything!) LOL

Talk to you soon,