Sunday, July 12, 2009

Antique Sale!!!!!

I am doing you all a disservice by not showing you more pictures of this grand home known at the Bingham Waggoner Estate located in Independence, Missou-RAH. It was originally owned by George Caleb Bingham, a famous 19th century American artist and Missouri Politician. When my best buddy Melinda announced that there was going to be an Antique/Crafts fair on the grounds.....all focus was centered around what treasures could be found. For those history buffs out there, I don't want you to feel slighted, and would encourage for some "real" photos of the house and history that can be found at We tried to have some assemblage of a path, but sometimes certain things just call out to you saying "take me home, take me home" like this chair below.

This was a really interesting bird cage, that unfortunately your truly was not able to capture to show off the true magnificence of the artist. It was a looking box that had all sorts of interesting details.

This is a wonderful paper designer named Michele Grotenhuis who has a business called Dandeline Design. We have had the good fortune of running into her a few times at local crafts fair and she is as sweet as can be! Her scrapbooks are the cutest things ever if you want something custom to just plunk your pictures into!

This was another little diddy asking me to take her home. The cutest old tea pots that found a second career as windchimes!

There were lovely antiques everywhere. This beautiful leaded glass would be a fantastic piece in a cottage home!

This was a fun artist, Ann Jansen, whose business is called "The Key of A". She takes old typewriter keys and makes jewelry from it! Her website is and her etsy shop is

Treasure abound around every bend......

These two ladies are Chasity and Debbie Heck, sisters & owners of The Wild Raspberry....don't you just love the name? They have a variety of handcrafted goods & unique gifts and their booth was trouble with a capital "T". I bought a lovely door hanger (an inspiration for The French General Sewing Book) that just happened to be in the right colors for my art room! They had aprons, scrapbooks and all sorts of little treasures! I also bought some cloth covered clothes pins they made into magnets for the fridge, or file cabinet.....cute, cute cute and so very sweet! Their website is and they also have a lovely blog which is just a breath of fresh air and sunshine

The minute I saw this booth I was in love, and low and behold, guess whose booth it was?
Carol Spinski from Raised in Cotton! Now Melinda and I traveled to her store.....she wasn't there...she was at an antique show that day, and we didn't get to meet her :( I luck upon her booth, and guess what.....she wasn't there. She was THERE at the show, but happened to get up and take a breather......strike two NO FAIR!

This vendor had the cutest magnet boards and made handmade magnets to go with....she didn't have a web site or blog for me to share will you all, so please forgive me, I wouldn't hold out on you....cross my fingers!

After ensuring we went to every single booth, the 95 degrees plus humidity finally caught up with us. I four wheeled it with my bug, driving over sidewalks and the grassy knoll and managed to get the bug-de-doo up to the booth and get my new/old chair into the back of the bug securely fastened down. Melinda and I had a great time as always but we needed a cold drink like there was no tomorrow! Until our next adventure!!!!!! Enjoy visiting the websites. Hope we don't get you into too much trouble :)


Martha said...

Bingham Waggoner is just great -- I'm a member and don't get up there often enough. We did go to city estate sales yesterday and came home with treasures. Was looking for a chair, but alas, did not find anything.

I had forgotten about the BW event -- your find looks awesome! It would look as good at Linderhof as it does at Acorn Cottage!


Cathy said...

Yikes, I would be in big trouble at this sale. I'm trying to down size a bit and know I would bring home a car load of stuff that I just had to have. Its so hard to pass up a good deal or a lovely little something or another.

BECKY said...

There you go again, Nanc...doing something that had to be such great fun without me!! I want that leaded glass hanging real bad!!!

I can just picture you poppin wheelies and jumpin curbs in your bug!! AAAHHHH!!!! Too funny!

Thanks for at least giving us a photo tour!!
;o) I'm off to check out Wild Raspberries!!
Love ya!!

the wild raspberry said...

Hi Nancy!
You captured the sale so well...I didn't get to do much shopping myself so it was fun to see your photos! {That lead-glass window was in my sights the whole time...calling out to me. I refrained} :)
Your blog is adorable!! It was wonderful getting to meet you and your friend. Hope to get to know you better through blogland.
Have a great week and thanks for the mention of our shop...

Elizabeth said...

Looks like a whole bunch of fun!! I really want that chair :)

Natasha said...

What a fantastic place!!! Thanks for the teapot pic- I have one of those collecting dust and that is just what it is meant to become!!!

Jeanneoli said...

How fun!!! What a blast and look at all that talent mixed in with vintage goodies.

Joy said...

What a great sale. Looks like there was a lot of cool things to chose from...

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

What fun!. I would love to go to this antique fair. So you bought the chair, I can't wait to see pictures of your new chair in your home.
I enjoyed traveling with you to the fair.
Big Hugs,

Anne Jansen - The Key of A said...

Thank you Nancy for including me in your photo travels of this year's Bingham Waggoner Art & Craft sale! I'm glad you found my repurposing of typewriters into jewelry and accessories to be something noteworthy! I too think it's "fun" and am glad to have been a part of this year's event! Love your site!