Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Signs of Spring

From the ground looking up...a birds nest. Lots of activity going on there, but want to respect their space....wish I could take a peak inside and see who is in there!

On a completely different note..............the mechanic tattooed son is bringing unbenounced to her as of yet, my future daughter in law, over for dinner tonight. Somehow cooking during weeknights doesn't stir my creative juices as well as weekend cooking does....I'm in a dilemma what to make, but will figure something out. Since my daughter is home for summer for college this is the first time they will get to meet. What's not to love? I predict everything will go splendidly. Hopefully more pictures to follow!

On another completely different husbands best friend has a job interview today. This is the sweetest guy that my kids loves, who we never tire of seeing, who we get silly with, BBQ, play bocce ball, spend every 4th of July with....the guy who introduced me to a top secret bakery located in an industrial park to the best cinnamon bread you've ever had in your life. A guy who if you looked up in the dictionary "true blue friend" would have the name Ken listed. (okay, and his wife isn't so bad either :) So......anyone who prays....please take a minute of your time to say a little prayer for him that he dazzles the socks right off these management people who he's meeting with today. I have champagne chilling in the fridge RIGHT NOW, ready to be opened!!!!

P.S. If ANYONE knows when Season 2 of Castle is going to start, please let me know so I can sleep at night. My world just isn't the same on Monday nights....there is a void like no other.


Domestic Designer said...

You have got a busy day ahead. I know it will all turn out wonderfully. I already said a prayer for your friend! Have a great day!

Cathy said...

Castle is one of my favorite shows too. I'll miss it through the summer.

Did you have trouble with the crab tots? Email me if you want to. Hope they turned out OK for you.

Elizabeth said...

Since you mentioned that you don't watch much television, then you aren't accustomed to the fact that the networks are evil and make us wait for all the new shows well into late September/October sometimes. THEN some of the shows return mid season sometimes, like January. I'm not sure what they will do with Castle, there isn't any rhyme or reason to what they do.

wild child said...

Just dropping in to say hi and get an update! Hope all went well with your friend's interview. And did I hear you right? Your cute son is still dating that adorable girl? I think we need an update on that too! Hope your dinner with them was fun!

Megan :)