Sunday, May 17, 2009


How about this blog? You get a picture of the "BEFORE", but no "AFTER" photo.....that's because Dan-the-Man and I got those crazy eyes (like the snake in Jungle Book) as soon as this came out of the oven and it wasn't until it was sitting comfortably in our bellies as we were breathing a deep sigh of contentment that I realized I forgot to take a picture of the after. I have failed you my blogging buddies.....but trust was GOOD....okay VERY GOOD!!!!!!

Here's what I did....I went to Whole Foods (I hope you have one nearby) and bought their pre-made pizza dough. I stretched the dough by hanging it from my fingertips, then rotating each side, letting gravity do the work until it was stretched out to the right shape. I lightly sprinkled the pan with cornmeal, and then added these toppings:

BBQ Sauce (just go with me on this)
Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella cut into Rounds
Cubed cooked Chicken
Red Onion-Thinly sliced
Some chunks of Cream Cheese (trust me)
Shredded Mozzarella on top

It was heaven! You won't be disappointed, I promise. Now to make matters worse....last night we made two pizzas and there were no "BEFORE" or "AFTER" pictures. How's that for a forgetful 40's moment. It kills me, as i am a visual person, as I know most of you are too and you deserve better than leftover cold pizza(oh...some of you like that do you? Yeah me too!) pictures.


Domestic Designer said...

This looks and sounds delicious! Now I am hungry!

Martha said...

Alas, no Whole Foods nearby -- but your pizza looked wonderful!

Elizabeth said...

OK, isn't it the coolest thing that Whole Foods sells their pizza dough!!!I made pizza once from it, but I mostly use it to make calzones. If you want to see it go to my archives of last August 2nd,or click on food, and you will see how amazing they turn out with this dough. I use to make the dough myself, then have to wash all the spinach, before they had all the pre-washed stuff. Now it is a snap to make.
I like your pizza combination, it sounds like their bbq chicken one, with a bit extra! Yummy