Friday, May 8, 2009

Mini Getaway

I'm taking off for a few days to see my Mom, sisters, niece and nephew for a long weekend. I feel so fortunate to see them all twice in one year. Especially my Mama on Mother's Day!
We are all meeting up at my sister Barbara's house. She lives in a valley 30 minutes from Lake Tahoe, so needless to say, it is gorgeous around there! It was great last visit sitting out on her deck and looking at these beautiful sunsets!

We will get into our usual, eating, gambling, latte drinking, pedicures, antiquing, cooking, and reminiscing. Have to get up at o'dark thirty to get to the airport for take off. Can't believe I will be there tomorrow. I hope all of you Moms have a wonderful Mother's Day. I feel so fortunate to be able to celebrate it with my Mama. She is an angel on earth...such a fantastic example of what a kind, gentle, good hearted person should be. She's never once raised her voice at me, taught me how to make God the center of my life. Everything I've learned, I've learned from her...patiently teaching me how to cook, sew, craft, and mostly how to be a giving person. She has never said a unkind word about anyone, truly an example of a gracious person. Can't wait to give her a big, giant hug!
I will be back next week and will see you then! Have a great Mother's Day!


Domestic Designer said...

Have a wonderful visit with your family and be safe!

Valerie said...

I know that I've missed "seeing you off" :), but I am wishing you a safe and wonderful trip! What a blessing to see your Mama again so's so hard to be thousands of miles apart from our loved ones!

Love Lake Tahoe!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day my friend! xoxo

Carol J. said...

Hi Nancy. Have a wonderful time with your mom and your family! There's nothing like being surrounded by their love!

Anyway, I "tagged" you with the "8 Things" I'm still relatively new at this, I figured I'd only tag people I "knew".

Enjoy your mini vaca!

Martha said...

Have a wonderful visit and I'm glad that you got to go visit your Mom for mother's day.

BECKY said...

Hey Gal,
I hope you will have a blast visiting sis and Mom!! Wow, that would be fun!! Your Mom sounds delightful, and I'm sure she can't wait for all of you to get together!!

All that trouble you're getting in to...there better be a boat load of photos for your bloggy friends to see!!

(oh and BFF's don't to Lake Tahoe without taking BFF'S along!!!) :o)

Praying for a safe awesome trip, Nancy!!!


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I hope your Mother's Day was wonderful. We'll see you soon!