Thursday, May 21, 2009


Maybe it was weeks....possibly years. I started on the bottom stair, crumbled some Peanut Butter Ritz Bits....
With methodical precision, I gradually worked the trail up a step, then another. Asking myself, do I dare brave risking the trust level I've established and put some on the porch?

I sat in my chair like a Roman statue, camera ready at any given moment to take these pictures.
With stealth like maneuvering and only a slight of hand, I managed to capture these pictures of the elusive chipmunk.

I love chipmunks and think they are the cutest thing ever. Unlike some people I know, who live in neighboring Lenexa...and I won't mention know who you are....(by the way did you actually SEE the chipmunk "eat" your flowers, or are you just looking for someone to blame for their disappearance?????) I welcome them to Acorn Cottage, as nothing bring me more delight than watching these little creatures scurry about. Chip and Dale, C'mon!


Martha said...

We welcome any and all furry friends at Linderhof -- even the woodchuck who strolled through twice last year (just remember NEVER to let Ollie out then) -- chipmunks are a delight!

Domestic Designer said...

They are cute and fun to watch! Like your friend they have eaten a few of my prized plants. :-) Have a great day!

Painter's Place said...

This is just the cutest thing!!! You got really good pics. We found one in our pool one time. Unfortunately it didn't make it. Maybe they can't swim!!!

Cass @ That Old House said...

We have chipmunks that live in the old stone wall behind our house, in the flower borders, and I love to sit in the sunroom and watch them -- they are always so busy! I've seen them eat weeds, bless their hearts, but so far no flowers!

Your pictures are amazing. Ritz Bits, huh? I'll have to put out a few crumbs for our own little Chip and Dale and see if I can snap them in action. Great post!


It' an Evolution said...

I love chipmuncks...they are just so sweet. As a kid the only time I would get to see them would be at the zoo...we lived too urban for them to survive. Now living more in the country I get to see them more often.
I just wanted to ask you a girlfriends and I are taking our annual trip to KC and wondered if you had any new suggestions for us. We have visited Nell Hills in years past and just love Mary Carol. We love Curious Sofa and I think we are going to Lees Summit for their street festival. Any thoughts??
Looking forward to hearing from you

Elizabeth said...

You made my day, How adorable! We only get squirrels. I adore watching them dig for acorns and fight with the blue jays.

Jules said...

Love chipmunks, squirrels, etc. What a treat for them to have Ritz bitz peanut butter crackers! Great photos!

BECKY said...

Mehhh!!! The only time I have seen them is in Colorado and when we're in NC!! Only squirrels here!! But I have a blast watching them, too!!

Thanks for sharing this little cutie!! How fun!!

Hope your weekend is wonderful!!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi Becky...I was sure I made comment but I don't see it! Anyway...your little Chipmunks are adorable! You captured some really cute moments with your little friends! (Always plant enough of everything so the woodland creatures can have a bit and you won't mind!
Prize flowers...just like with children and china...keep them out of harms way. Works for me! I hope your weekend is going beautifully!

Elizabeth said...

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wild child said...

I agree! Go Chip & Dale! LOL!

Megan :)