Monday, May 18, 2009


Is it just me? Am I the only one????? Is this or is this not the sharpest thing that's come out on tv lately or what? Here's something to sink your teeth into. Cat and mouse...detective.....muder....mystery.....and a lovely little anticipation of a tantalizing flirtatious chemistry between a novelist and detective. I am NOT one to watch tv....if I do it's PBS, or National Geographic, or my favorite person in the whole world...Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel. But this show takes the cake....I love every episode. It makes me giddy with excitement to watch it. I actually just found out you can watch missed episode on line. I'm ready to pre-order for when the seasons come out on dvd. I can not get enough of this show! You know what's great about it, beside the witty writing, the twist in the plots...they never turn out like you think how they are heading. I love a good mystery and you add the sizzle undercurrent between Rick Castle and Detective's right up there with the anticipation of a good Jane Austin movie. Heavy sigh.

P.S. Monday nights at 9:00pm on ABC (CST)

P.S.S. Bummer....the Season Finale was May I don't know how many Mondays I have to wait until it's back on again (oh yes, it got renewed!!!) Amazon is selling Season 1 on DVD...Release date Sept. 22....somebody have mercy on me!


Martha said...

I'm a Castle fan, too -- reminds me of the witty comedies of the 40's.

Domestic Designer said...

I have got to watch this show. Several people have told me that it is great. Thanks!

BECKY said...

OK!! Well now I guess I have to find it online and watch an episode. If my BFF loves it that much, I will probably love it too!!

My weekend was wonderful!! We went to Jekyll Island and St Simons Island on Georgia's east coast. And yes, I was really upset about the suitcase thing!! ;o) I was however delighted to hear that you had fun in Tahoe. You just would have had more fun if I came along, that's all!! HA!!!!

I'll let you know what I think about Castle!

Elizabeth said...

My daughter and I LOVE this show!!! I love there is something about it that is,as my daughter said, cozy to watch. I can't believe I missed the season finale though! I guess I'll have to catch it on line.

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Gary and I love Castle!. We never miss it. The show reminds me of "Moon lighting" with Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd. They seem to have the same kind of chemistry.
Enjoy your day,

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the show as well! It's awesome-tastic and so much fun. I'm glad you're enjoyed the first season as much as I did and I'm pre-ordering too :D

cottage farm villa (cottagecharm) said...

Yep, we watch and love it too! Cute show....kind of like the old Moonlighting with Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepard!

Kitty said...

I was visiting the Farm Chicks blog and came across your blog name. So while visiting you i noticed this post. Just wanted to say that I love love love Castle. It is my new favorite show. I am glad to hear that it was renewed, can't wait for it's return. By the way, nice blog......Kitty