Thursday, April 16, 2009

Weekend Get Away!!!!

Dan-the-Man and I decided to get away this weekend and celebrate in one of our favorite towns called Hermann, Missou-RAH! It has neat old homes like the one pictured above.
And cool antique shops that you can poke around in for hours like this......

And good wineries that you can go on tours of and enjoy the fruits of nectar in divine wines. (Yes, that's Dan-the-Man) I'm sure he'll be thrilled to know I posted his picture on the Internet...not!

And charming little B & B's like this.....called the Cat Nap Inn.

And beautiful gifts from nature like this to gaze at with the heavens above! You see, we need to celebrate...YES CELEBRATE...because God has been good to us, very, very good to us. He has listened to our prayers, our family and friends prayers. Our prayers were answered, because we believed. Dan-the-Man had worked at a major corporation and was laid off at the end of December, along with THOUSANDS of other people, signs of the economy. But we kept our chins up, and BELIEVED that God would provide for us. Yesterday, Dan-the-Man got a call, and was offered a position at a great company that is worldwide with a salary that we are still pinching ourselves over. My husband is such a good man, with great character, perseverance and I am so VERY, VERY proud of him, for he deserved this BIG TIME. So I won't be posting for a few days, I hope you forgive me, but I WILL come back with photos to share, I promise.
If you are having any situation that you are struggling with, I ask that you turn it over to God. Have faith, know that doors will open, things will change, and everything is working out for the best, just the way it's meant to be!


BECKY said...

Hey BFF, I sure have missed popping in over here!! What delightful photos and news!! Had me in tears!! John 15:5 is my favorite section of scripture...such a lovely analogy...the vine and the branches, and the plump, sweet fruit we bear if we abide there! I would love to visit a vineyard!

So glad you had such a great time, and that you, like me, are blessed with an amazing man!!
God knew just what two nuts like us would need, huh? Your hubby has a warm, friendly smile!!

Thank you for sharing your great news, and for the encouragement to persevere in prayer!! So glad our paths crossed!!


Painter's Place said...

Having Faith in God is what it's all about! Everything works out in his time, not ours. Congrats to Dan-the-Man!

Martha said...

I am so happy for you!

Enjoy Hermann -- it's one of my favorite cities in MissourAH. Love the people at Stone Hill -- they have such an interesting story.

Hope you find some treasures!

Valerie said...

Hi Nancy!

What wonderful news for your husband! He sure is a cutie!

Enjoy Hermann...have you been before? Chris and I haven't been it quite a while, but I went several times in college with girlfriends for a weekend get-away! So much fine.

Did I tell you that my brother and his wife live in Missouri wine country? Actually, they don't live that awful far from Hermann. My brother's property back's up to is breathtaking where they live. My SIL is asst. mgr. of Montelle Winery. She's the wine conniseur for our family!

Blessings to you and have a safe trip,

Anne Marie said...

You truly deserve such beauty and peace! What you said about me, in my last post- well, if I wasn't sitting here with my kids, I would tearing up!!

too kind Nancy....way too kind!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

GOOD GRIEF! How did I miss this post. OH....I would have loved to visit a place like that! We had a place like this in Bakersfield CA but they closed it. I miss that place. Have a nice weekend! Congratulations to your husband on his job offer! I am SO happy for you both!

cottage farm villa (cottagecharm) said...

Hi Nancy....well, for a California really that that MissourAH thing down!!!!

Looks like you and Dan the Man had FUN!!!!

Anonymous said...