Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend at Hermann, Missou-RAH

This is Dan-the-Man and yours truly at Stone Hill Winery. We bought some lovely wines, stashed them in the car before going on a tour of the winery which we hadn't done before. The tour ended with wine tasting, and then we ended up getting a whole other box of wine, because we found some other varieties that we couldn't live with out.
The buildings in Hermann are just beautiful. I just marvel at the craftsmanship of everything in that town. So unique....a visual treat for the eyes!

This is another real nice B & B on the outskirts of town. The town was BOOKED because there was a big bike race going on this past weekend. We ended up staying at a hotel outside of town. The upside was we took some different country roads to and fro with some breathtaking views.

This was a cute cottage yard at a B & B in the neighboring town of New Haven. I get weak in the knees for picket fences with rambling greenery on them!

A picture of someones lovely home on the out skirts of town....just beautiful. If I win the lotto, I might have to make them an offer they can't refuse! So picturesque up on a hill with a breath taking view.
It really was a trip for the senses. Rolling green hills, lilacs in bloom, frogs croaking, birds chirping....and all of the fields were painted lavender with clover blooms. Wine tasting, good eats, and beautiful scenery everywhere. Heaven!


Martha said...

Herman is a favorite place of ours as well. Stone Hill does nice wines. They do a good port which we like very much. Next time you go stop at St. James on the way -- they're on I-70 -- they have some good wines as well.

Jules said...

Looks like you guys had a great weekend away and well deserved for a celebration of Dan-the-Mans new job!!!!

Anne Marie said...

LOVE that garden! just awesome!
would love to toast to a new Spring with ya~

It' an Evolution said...

I have read about Herman and always wanted to visit...what did you think? Pictures tell me you had a good time.