Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fields of Heaven

These photographs were actually taken by my friend Cindy who has a second home in the beautiful state of Washington on Whidbey Island.
These pictures are on the main land and the colors are just spectacular. Does anything top looking at these beauties?


Martha said...

Such beautiful flowers and I love Whidbey Island -- and Whidbey Island Loganberry Liqueur!
Thanks for sharing pictures of what to me is a special place.

wild child said...

As usual, I'm way behind reading my favorite blogs, and trying desperately to catch up before the weekend is officially over and the week gets away with me!

I've loved reading all your recent posts but this one stopped me in my tracks! Oh the BEAUTY!!!!!! GOSH!!!!! I could stare that these pics all day! I think I was supposed to be born into a flower producing family and somehow something got mixed up - LOL!

Thanks for sharing -
Meg :)