Saturday, March 21, 2009

Farm Tours

You know the anticipation you had as a child when your parents told you they were taking you to Disneyland? (okay...I still LOVE going to Disneyland) That is the feeling I get when I know that the upcoming Spring Farm Tours are going to take place. Now mind you, it isn't until May....but I'm already giddy with excitement. I thought I would share a few pictures from years past with you. I would encourage you to see if you have something similar where you live, because NOTHING beats a day of fresh air and getting to hang out with my mentors. A great web site to find out what farms are near you is This is the gravel pathway up to SOMERSET Ridge Winery. Yes, we have wineries in Kansas, and it's great wine. My girlfriend from California bought a case of wine from here...yes, it's that good! Watch out Napa! The owners Dennis & Cindy Reynolds are the nicest people. They always have special tastings and events going on, and they drive to visit them......just heaven.
This is an iris farm situated out in the country where you can buy bulbs. The colors in the photograph don't do these beauties justice.Rambling roses and a picket fence....does it get any better than that?

These are Alpacas. My Dad had an Alpaca sweater and I remember how incredible soft it was when I was a kid. They have a wonderful assortment of yarns and sweaters at this Alpaca Farm.

This is one of my favorite farms to visit. This is Dee of Cy & Dee's Blackberries. Two of these nicest people ever. Every year it's such a treat to go visit, and Dee always has something fantastic that she has baked. This year it was fresh blackberry cobbler with homemade vanilla ice cream. Now c' really doesn't get any better than that!


Martha said...

Love those farm tours -- and anyone who doesn't think Kansas has anything, can think again!

Love those tours -- we're gearing up for our garden tour here in June.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Last summer my husband and I went on the "Garden Tour" in our area. We had a lot of fun...and we came away with so many great ideas for our garden! I am going to see if there is a farm tour in my area. Thanks
Stay Cozy, Carrie

krys kirkpatrick said...

It makes me want to visit Kansas...I think I would travel from seattle to Kansas for wild blackberry cobbler!

Storybook Woods said...

What a wonderful farm, I would be excited too. Clarice