Sunday, March 1, 2009

Acorns Everywhere!!!!

Here are the cutest little place card holder I purchased at Nell Hill's store in Atchison, Kansas.
No surprise to anyone in my family that I found fall leave & acorn confetti to put on our table!

Oh yes...Acorns are EVERYWHERE at Acorn Cottage. The kids have given up that our home looks like perpetual Fall, and for better or worse realize their Mom has an
issue when it comes to acorns. They are in the hall......

They are in tea sets. Now C'mon! How cute is that? That was a surprise one day on my desk when I went to work from a co-worker who knows my heart!

This little decoration just happened to have Acorns on needed to come home with me and is on our fireplace mantle!

Nutcracker with of course a real acorn in it's mouth!

My oldest sister Barbara bought this for me for a birthday present. She's the best!

Of course there is an assortment of Acorns that I've collected or have been given as gifts over the years.

My most favorite coffee mug in the whole wide world!

A gift from my Mother....I couldn't live without! And of course if you scroll down the page a tad, you'll see me acorn plates....and there is more around the house...the acorn trim that Dan-the-Man installed above our bead board in the dining room, the acorn napkin rings from my dear friend Melinda, the acorn chocolate molds I just had to have, the acorn birdhouses out in the yard....oh yes, the list goes on and on and on.

What collections do you have that you would like to share?
(curious minds need to know )


Forget Me Not Dreams said...

Acorns!! I love 'em! We have oak trees lining our driveway and acorns absolutely cover the ground in the fall...along with the squirrels collecting for winter! Your photos are wonderful! Thank you!

Jill said...

Howdy Neighbor!
What a cute little acorn filled cottage you have!

Well, we certainly have many things in common...I love Peter Mayle books too!

I have yet to go to Nell Hill's but I am planning a trip with a couple of girlfriends for the summer.

Glad you stopped in at Hickory Hollow! I'll be back soon...

Cathy said...

Love all the acorns, especially the squirrel holding one and the wreath. And the tea sets too. Very nice.

Mermaids of the Lake said...

Hi Nancy, I have many collections. I absolutely love Pixies; those cute silly elfy-looking guys from another erra. They are just so silly and playful. I also love vintage linens and I lovingly use them, wash them and iron them. When I met my husband, 26 years ago, he had an antique water pitcher collection. I am done collecting those, but I do proudly display them above my kitchen cabinets. They are fun in all of their different colors and shapes. I love old china too, but mostly use that which was passed down to me from my Grandmas and Great Aunt. Lots more. It really is fun to passionately collect something.