Tuesday, March 17, 2009

3 Day Countdown

Three days until Spring.....just thought I'd share a few pictures around the yard. There are those of us who are relishing this wonderful spring like air....finally things are turning the corner in the Midwest and it feels good! Patiently waiting for my daffodils to open up.
Waiting eve more patiently for my lilacs to open up. When I lived in California, I would drive AN HOUR to a farm out in the country just to buy fresh cut lilacs, and NOW....I have them growing in my yard. Did I mention I am in heaven?

Dan-the-man started our garden and planted some spinach. I love spinach sauteed with olive oil and salt and pepper....or creamed spinach...or spinach salad...don't get me started!

Here we have some a couple varieties of lettuce. Nothing better than going out to your own back yard to pick a salad. Nothing beats that. Unless you are eating that salad with the man you love, and maybe drinking a nice glass of refreshing Vignoles from Stone Hill Winery...while sitting outside, listening to the birds chatter. That might be better!


Martha said...

Nice pictures of your garden -- and yes, lilacs are a favorite here at Linderhof as well -- BIG bouquets brought in and the house smells like heaven!

Mari at Once Upon a Plate said...

Nancy, thank you for sharing! I am anxiously awaiting Springs arrival, too.

Lucky you in getting your veggie garden started. Last frost isn't until mid-May here ~ I am so envious looking at your starts! :)

Oh yes, the lilacs ~ me too! They wouldn't even grow in my garden/zone at my California home. :(

I was overjoyed to learn they thrive here in Oregon ~ so last year we planted over 20 in the newly developed Provence garden, I cannot wait for bloom time this year.

I love your blog, nice job! It's such a treat to come visit you here. xo~m.

Anne Marie said...

You are the second woman from Kansas this week! that I have met that looks like she has fabulous taste (pun intended) :)

Jeanneoli said...

I will be planting our garden soon....I can't wait. Nothing better than having fresh veggies in your own backyard.