Monday, February 2, 2009


Being from California, I never really experienced the seasons the way I do now living in the Midwest. There is a distinction with all the seasons, and just when you start to tire of one, the climate changes and and you start noticing subtle changes occurring. I love each season we have and all the things I associate with them. During the winter, I make the most of being indoors and take the time to work on artzy craftsy projects, organize my art room which has a multitude of projects going on at any giving time and cooking comfort foods. I love having a fire going, putting on my gnome p.j.'s and settling into the couch with my favorite Mom crochet blanket and having a cup of this creamy cocoa. Now, to you Midwesterners, this recipe is like second nature. One of those recipes that your Mom taught you to make when you were 7 years old. This winter I made a big batch, filled mason jars, cut out stock card in the shape of a mitten and wrote the recipe on them and tied them to the jar with raffia. Everyone that lives here said "Oh I've had that recipe before". Deflated, my only hope was to impress my relatives that are still in California, hoping they would think it was the greatest thing since the Espresso Latte from Starbucks. Okay, who am I fooling, but it is a great cocoa mix, nice and creamy, not like that packaged stuff you get in the store that taste like chocolate with water in it.

Hot Chocolate Mix

1 cup powdered cream (such as Cremora)

2 cups Nestle's chocolate milk mix

2 cups powdered sugar

enough powdered milk to make 9 quarts (basically a 25.6 ou. box, minus 1 cup)

Blend all ingredients together. Store in air tight container. When ready to make hot cocoa mix 1/3 cup of mix with 8 ou. of hot water.


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julesvrn said...

I am from California and yes your hot cocoa would be a treat because it was home made and would be from the best "ANT" I know!