Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Valentine's Day turned into Valentine's weekend.....unbeknownst to me someone, okay, the husband...was sneaky...very sneaky....and made plans to kidnap me from my humble home and sweep me away! Now mind you, there aren't any other pictures except the bathroom, because that in itself, was enough, to make me float on air. Now you have to keep in mind that my bathroom at Acorn Cottage (built in 1942) is probably 3x5 (and that's probably being generous). My ENTIRE bathroom could have fit in this shower! My Volkswagen Bug could have fit in there!
Lovely granite surface with garnet gemstones embedded within...I should have taken a picture of the ceiling, which was recessed and had a giant light fixture, and the toilet
was in a separate room and had a telephone in it...just in case...(I'm still scratching my head on why you would want to call someone while..well...uh hum..yeah). The weekend was amazing, but that's because I'm a loved. Being loved is good!

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Storybook Woods said...

Ohhhh what a sweet hubby, a keeper. Clarice