Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Birds at Acorn Cottage

Here are some of the beautiful birds that live here at Acorn Cottage. The illusive Woodpecker. They seem like a fairly shy bunch. I was very surprised when this one came to feed. He's got a sunflower seed in his beak. One of my favorites, the Robin. During the summer I see them fanning their wings out to cool down on the green grass.

This trio was captured on camera during the warmer months. During wintertime there is nothing more beautiful than seeing the brilliant red of a cardinal against the backdrop of snow. It always reminds mind how amazing it is that they survive outside during the cold weather. One of life's little miracles.

Always try to remember to provide food & shelter for these beautiful creatures. On the days when we want to be inside warm the most, are the days they should be provided for.

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