Friday, January 30, 2009

I have a desire for a chandelier in every room of my home. So far I have three up and hand painted the ceiling medallions so they would look aged. I used a technique I leaned from my very artistic daughter called dry-brush. You take a little bit of paint color (I used darker colors for the contours) and thick bristled brush and really work it into the nooks and crannies. Don't be afraid to experiment with some unusual colors until you find something that works.
I used a dark teal on the red one, then layered in some warm tones and highlighted with Venitian gold.

The red chandelier I bought at a garage sale from an old women who had it up in her attic for years. Reluctant to sell it, I reassured her I would lovingly take care of it and it would be forever cherished. I came home and scrubbed clean every crystal until it was gleaming. It was the finishing touch I needed in my art room. The taupe chandelier is in my kitchen and I bought it at Home Depot. It adds visual interest in my cozy little kitchen and my husband installed a dimmer on both so we can always enjoy soft lighting...the next best thing to candlelight! This one is in the dining room. Sorry the picture is chopped off. I took a vine of berries and wove them through the chandelier and just love the way it looks.

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