Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ready for Springtime

I don't know about all of you, but I am ready to to get my hands into the dirt and start planting some flowers.  I usually wait until after St. Patrick's Day when I am sure we are past our last frost of the season, but it has been so mild lately, I've got the bug!
Just being able to see some colors other than the drab grey of winter lifts my spirits up.  There have been several red robin sightings, which is a sure sign of spring!
I love Foxgloves, to me they are a true cottage flower!

I just love Bird Houses too another Cottage must!


Laura said...

I feel exactly the same way.
In South Texas our winter has been mild yet too cold to plant.

I did some planting anyway yesterday.
Keep your fingers crossed!

Enjoyed visiting!

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Country Dreaming said...

The weather this winter makes one feel this way. When one can sit on their porch in short sleeves at the end of February, Spring Fever is in the air!


Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Nancy,
Me too, I am so ready for spring. We have a few plants flowering right now, just a teaser I think..
Your flowers are beautiful!
Have a sweet week and it so nice to visit you again.

Leslie said...

Me to Nancy! !!!!! Just cant wait to get outside.

Nezzy said...

Oh my Miss Nancy, I soooo have the bug too. These unseasonal eighty degree days has put me smack in the middle of my rose garden.

Sister, I'm firein' up the old lawn mower today...ahhhhh, just music to my ears!!!

Your beautiful pictures sure brightened up my day...thanks!!

God bless ya and have yourself one sunshiny kinda weekend! :o)

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