Friday, July 15, 2011

Trader Joe's Grand Opening!!!!

Weeks, months, friend Jennifer and I have been bombarding Trader Joe's with emails BEGGING them to come to Kansas City.  Finally, our day of glory has arrived!  Sure, on occasional trips to California I could fly home with a few non-perishable items, but I have been patiently waiting so I could stock up on all the things I LOVE from there.
Jennifer drove through Caribou coffee and got us treats!  We stood in line with the anticipation like two five year olds on Christmas Eve.  Local news anchors were out interviewing the loyal followers of this legendary store opening.
No line was going to be too long for us, because we were so happy to be there in all the excitement, taking the day off from work to celebrate the Grand Opening.
We got le'id and high fived as we walked through the door and took in the visual glory of what was before our eyes.
For those of you who have never been, I don't know if I can explain the cult following on this place, but it's magical!
They did a great job on the decor, with beautiful hand painted murals of the fountains at the Plaza to local sports themes like the KC Royals!
Produce, fresh flowers, and gourmet treats like no other.  In every isle, people were oooing and awwwing at all the treats!
Okay....I wasn't going to pass up the team mascot. Is that Tahitian red lipstick you are wearing my dear?
Jen and I with "Captain Mike" Store Manager who was as sweet and helpful as could be!  Great job Mike!
uh got ugly, as we stood in line we kept making dashes for other things we saw in other peoples carts or fellow shoppers who we were standing in line with, telling about things we couldn't live without.  Like we needed any incentive.
Say no more, thank goodness we were in Jen's SUV instead of my bug de doo. 

Well, there are going to be some happy campers tonight at Acorn Cottage.  Yes, there was some Chuck Shaw purchased, better known as Two Buck Chuck, which is actually $2.99 a bottle to wash it all down with.  Life is good!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

4th Festivities

 Me and my daughter Nadia at the 4th of July Parade!
 The, Nadia and Melinda from Country Dreaming
 Dan-the-Man and Mr. Ken (Melinda's sweetie)
 Vintage cars showing their 4th of July spirit
 Ms. Kansas
 You have to have clowns at parades!
 Nadia gave the John Deere club a standing ovation!
 The Renaissance Festival...God bless them for wearing their costumes on a warm July day!
 Festivities after the parade at Acorn Cottage....BBQ'd burgers, brats, and tons of sides including Melinda's delish Veggie Salsa recipe that I am still waiting for her to share with HUM!!!!
We then headed over to the 4th of July fireworks show at a local park and played a mean game of Yahtzee waiting for it to get dark.  Nadia was the big winner!

The bestest son a daughter a Mom could ever ask for in the whole entire world! Love, Love, LOVE them to pieces!
Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!